OW2 Programming Contest Award Ceremony

OW2 Programming Contest 2010

Award Ceremony: September 24-26, 2010
Ningxia University, Yinchuan city, Ningxia, China

The Award Ceremony will take place on

September 25, 2010
Location: in Ningxia University International Exchange Center, Yinchuan, Ninxia province, China.

September 25:
Morning: official joint ceremony with Scilab
Afternoon: OW2 Workshop

See the full programme which also contains all abstracts.

September 25, morning:
- OW2 Institutional presentation, by Cédric Thomas, OW2 (presentation)

  • Introduction to the OW2 Code base and main technologies, by Alexandre Lefebvre, OW2 CTO
  • Leverage open source ETL for your BI project with Talend, by Cedric Carbone, Talend CTO
  • BonitaSoft the BPM game-changer, by Charles Souillard, BonitaSoft CTO
September 25, afternoon:
  • Geolocation, Jialiang Xie, Xiujuan Ma, Peking University
  • JOnAS News Notifier, Hao Yang, Ting Yang, Xiujuan Ma, Peking University
  • PKU Web Services QoS Tools, Lu Fang, Jing Jin, Dan Jing, Peking University
  • FUNnel: Connecting Developing Environment and the Internet, Lijie Wang, Fei Liu, Leye Wang, Ruhao Yao, Peking University
  • NeoIssueTrackingSystem (NeoITS), Meng Li, Changsheng Liu, Yong Jin, Peking University
  • Joram access with the Stomp Protocol, Hua Zhou, Liang Zhao, Yangyang Xia, Wei Gu, Jie Li, NanJing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
  • Implement an automatic XForms generator based on an XML Schema description, Cai Zhengping, Ma Lin , Wu Liming, Liu Chunyong, Zhang Yulong, Song Junyu, NanJing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
  • Implement server-side resource monitor in Bench4Q (Bench4Q) and Implement on-line book store in Bench4Q by Servlet/EJB3 (Bench4Q, JOnAS), Xiaowei Zhou, Xin Zhu, Sa Wang, Zhiquan Duan, Houqi Luo, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Implement workload recording for Bench4Q (Bench4Q) and Implement tests results comparison in Bench4Q (Bench4Q), Jianhua Zhang, Sa Wang, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • StarSim, Discrete Event System Oriented Generic Simulation Framework Supporting Rapid Construction, Yongzhi Yang, Bo Ding, Xi Xiao, Liufeng Wang, Huining Yan, Zhendong Wu, National University of Defense Technology
  • A Shell bundle dedicated to Joram administration, Da Xiao, National University of Defense Technology
  • Multi User Web 2.0 Process Designer, Xiajian Chen, Tingting Yi, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences