OW2 Annual Conference 2010

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NEW! Presentation slides and videos now available. See here below and simply follow the "PDF" or "Video" links next to the presentations.

Detailled program Download tte detailled program here.*

Program at a glance (See content of sessions below or visit the Sessions section for detailed presentations of each session, including abstracts of presentations).


WELCOME COFFEE (Nov 24, 08:30 - 09:30am).

OPENING ADDRESS (Nov 24, 09:30 - 10:00am).

OPEN CLOUD SUMMIT KEYNOTES & PANEL (Nov 24, 10:00 - 12:30am) - More details here.

  • Introduction, Jean-Pierre Laisné, Bull/OW2. (Video)
  • OpenNebula: Leading Innovation in Cloud Computing Management -Ignacio Llorente, OpenNebula. (PDF) (Video)Slideshare
    * Introduction to OpenStack - Randy Bias, Cloudscaling. (PDF) (Video)
    * ProActive Parallel Suite and OW2 OSCi initiative: from Multi-Cores to Multi-Clouds - Denis Caromel, ProActive, INRIA, CNRS, IUF. (PDF) (Video)
  • Panel discussion: Ignacio Llorente (OpenNebula); Richard Nicholson (Paremus & Member of OSGi Alliance); Denis Caromel (INRIA, CNRS, IUF); Randy Bias (Cloudscaling), Jun Wei (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences - ISCAS).
KEYNOTE ADDRESS (Nov. 25, 9:30 - 10:00am)

  • Jean-Bernard Stefani, INRIA.(Video)
TUTORIALS (Nov 24 & 25, from 10:00am to 05:00pm) - More details here

  • Bonitasoft: Develop my first process based application with Bonita Open Solution 5.3 - Rodrigue Le Gall, BonitaSoft.
    * eXo Platform: Integrating enterprise applications using GateIn and OpenSocial - Jérémi Joslin, eXo Platform.
  • CLIF: Load Testing with CLIF - Bruno Dillenseger, France Telecom.
    * FraSCAti: Pushing your SOA beyond the limits with FraSCAti - Philippe Merle, INRIA.- Cancelled
CLOUD SESSION: OPEN SOURCE IN THE CLOUD (Nov 24, from 01:30 to 06:00pm) - More details here.

  • Cloud aware large scale distributed SOA - Christophe Hamerling, PetalsLink. (PDF) (Video)Slideshare
    * From Centralized to Distributed Cloud" - Jean-Paul Smets, Free Cloud Alliance. (PDF) (Video: Part 1 -Part 2- Part 3)
    * ONCE-PaaS: A PaaS Solution Stack 4 Cloudware - Wei Wang, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS). (PDF) (Video)
    * Starting for the Cloud, Minghui Zhou, PKU. (PDF) (Video)
    * A Cloud Platform for Delivering Instant Development Service with Service Oriented Approaches -Hailong Sun, BeiHang University. (PDF) (Video)
    * XWiki: a perfect match for collaboration in the Open Cloud - Ludovic Dubost, XWiki. (PDF) (Video) Slideshare
  • Cloud Infrastructure SetUp, the start of making Money - Jose Luis Serano Fernandez, Consultant. (cancelled and replaced by UShareSoft presentation, James Weir, (PDF)) (Video)
  • To integrate cloud and grid (NEXUS) - Kailash Selvaraj, Tech. Staff, Madhusudhana Rao Sriramagiri, Project coordinator, CDAC, India. (PDF) (Video)
OW2 JOINT PROJECTS SESSION (Nov 25, from 10:00am to 01:00pm) - More details here.

  • Combining BPM with Data Integration: Open Source best of breed with BonitaSoft and Talend - Charles Souillard, Bonitasoft and Cédric Carbone, Talend. (PDF) (Video)Slideshare
  • Evolving Service Architectures (joint presentation of the OW2 projects Q-ImPrESS and SOFA 2) - Jan Kofron and Petr Hnetynka, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.(PDF) (Video)Slideshare
  • Reliable Asynchronous Web Service with CXF in a Java EE JOnAS environment - Florent Benoit, Bull and Guy Vachet, France Telecom). (PDF) (Video)
  • Evolution of Trustworthy Software based on Evidence of Software lifecycle - Yin Gang, NUDT. (PDF) (Video)
    * One year with Chameleon - Clément Escoffier, Karl Pauls, akquinet A.G. and Guillaume Sauthier, Bull S.A.S. (PDF) (Video)Slideshare
SQuAT Session (Software Quality Assurance Track (Nov 25, from 10:00am to 01:00pm) - More details here

  • FOSSology: The study of FOSS to support compliance programs - Bruno Cornec, HP (PDF).
    * Antelink Community and issues regarding quality assessment - Samuel Langlois, Antelink (PDF).
  • Software quality assurance feedback - Patrice Truong Van Nga (PDF).
  • Novaforge - Emmanuel Rias/ Christian Remy, Bull. (PDF) Slideshare
  • Keys of Open Source Software Testing - Hao KONG, BSTQC (PDF).
  • The introduction of component based software production line of Peking University - Yasha WANG, Peking University (PDF).
  • QualiPSO quality assessment methodology - Prof. Alberto Sillitti and Prof. Sandro Morasca (PDF - part 1), (PDF - part 2).
OW2 BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE INITIATIVE SESSION (Nov 25, from 02:00 to 03:30pm) - More details here.

  • Revitalizing OW2 BI Initiative: new participants and new activities - Stefano Scamuzzo(IT Solution Architect, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.). (PDF)Slideshare
    * Embeddable Open Source BI for Cloud or on-Premise, Theodor Dianciu, Jaspersoft.(PDF)Slideshare
  • WebLab: How an information processing platform can be used for Business Intelligence. - Jérémie Doucy, Cassidian.(PDF).
OW2 SOFTWARE IN ACTION (Nov 25, from 2:00 to 05:00 pm) - More details here.

  • Secure your Java EE project with the performance diagnostic tool provided by OW2 JOnAS - Florent Benoit, Bull. (PDF) (VideoSlideshare
  • Transforming the Data Center - Giulio Toffoli, Jaspersoft. (PDF)Slideshare
    * Salome-TMF a Test Management tool that connects the tests team to those of development - Véronique Théault, Acpqualife Salome - TMF. (PDF) (Video)Slideshare
    * Presto (French web service protocol for public administrations exchanges) : an open-source implementation - Pierre-Yves Gibello PetalsLink. (PDF) (Video)Slideshare
  • Configuration from clustering to WAN distribution with Joram, Serge Lacourte - Andre Freyssinet, Scalagent. (PDF)Slideshare
OW2 COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS (Nov 25, from 4:00 to 5:00 pm) - More details here.

  • The CHOReOS FP7 project and the Future Internet OW2 initiative - Pierre Chatel, Thales Communications. (PDF) (Video) Slideshare
    - Compatible One : Open source Cloudware Initiative - Rafael Ferreira, eNovance. (PDF)(Video)Slideshare
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