Survey : '2010 OW2 CEOs Open Source Predictions'

Continuing a tradition started by our colleagues in the Open Solutions Alliance (OSA), who merged with OW2 at the end of 2009, OW2 asked the CEOs or highest executives with responsibility for open source at OW2 and OSA member companies to make predictions about the coming year.

A synthesys of the survey by Henry Ruddle and Deb Woods was published on Dr Dobb's, February 19, 2010

Open Source Adoption: CEO's Perspective.
For OW2 industry leaders the barriers just keep getting knocked down

All questions and all of the CEO and division leader answers, click here.
Previous prediction surveys were conducted by the Open Solutions Alliance (OSA), which has merged with OW2. For previous surveys, visit

The Contributors:
• Miguel Valds-Faura, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, BonitaSoft
• Jean-Pierre Laisn, Open Source Strategy Manager, BULL S.A.
• Roger Burkhardt, CEO, Ingres
• Michael Grove, CEO, Collabworks
• Bertrand Diard, CEO, Talend
• Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering Technical Director, SpagoWorld, an OSS initiative of Engineering Group
• Benjamin Mestrallet, Founder and CEO, eXo Platform
• Cedric Thomas, CEO, OW2 Consortium
Question 1: As the economy started to sink a year ago, many predicted that bad economic news meant good news for OSS companies. Did 2009 help or hurt the OSS industry? How did your company fare? What do you see for your company and the industry in 2010?
Question 2: Have the results of 2009 or expectations for 2010 caused any surprising changes in your deployments or perhaps even your business model?
Question 3: Given how open source adoption earlier in the decade paved the way for the excitement around cloud computing today, how do you see OSS and cloud computing interacting in the coming year?
Question 4: In 2009, governments worldwide changed procurement rules in ways that help with open source adoption. Have these efforts worked? Do you see the trend continuing? What more can or should the US, the EU, and other governments and agencies do to remove roadblocks and help OSS gain wider adoption?
Question 5: What new business challenges will OSS help address in 2010?
Optional Follow Up Question: What currently serving politician or other person of influence do you expect to be the biggest friend of OSS in 2010? Who will be the industry's biggest political enemy?

To see the full report, open the attached file


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