Open World Forum (OWF'13)

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Open World Forum (OWF'13)

Open World Forum
October 3-5, 2013

Community Summit:
Open Source as a Collaborative Innovation Platform, Opportunities and Challenges

For the sixth year running we, at OW2, are organizing the Community Summit at the Open World Forum (October 3-5, Paris). The Open World Forum Community Summit is an annual open workshop focusing on the growth and management of open source communities.

This year, leaders and practitioners from free and open source software communities will discuss the opportunities and challenges of open source as a collaborative innovation platform. With no cumbersome IP negotiations, no costly contracts, and rules of engagement simply defined by the license attached to the code, open source software is a fantastic mechanism for sharing innovation efforts. Open source creates value and drives innovation in emerging markets such as cloud computing, big data, embedded systems, Internet of things, machine to machine, etc. But in these areas, the industry is increasingly characterized by the raise of complex, highly capital-intensive systems and multi-year innovation programs. Is the game changing for open source communities?

Detailed description of the session here


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