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Open World Forum - OW2 TechDay


Open World Forum (Forum Mondial du Libre)

December 1-2, 2008
Maison de la Chimie
Paris, France.

The Open World Forum features the first OW2 TechDay Implementing the agile computing infrastructure on december 1.

OW2 TechDay Program :

Title : Implementing the Agile Computing Infrastructure
Special Guest: The SpringSource Community

09:00 - 10:50 : Session 1 (morning): Foundations

1.Software development: "Trustie: the Software Factory for Trustworthy Software", Huaimin Wang, Professor, NUDT School of Computer
2.Application Server: "JOnAS: the flexible Java EE Server Platform", Franois Exertier, Project Leader, Bull
3.Application Server: "dm Server Presentation", Julien Dubois, Regional Director, SpringSource
4.Framework: "The Spring Framework", Julien Dubois, Regional Director, SpringSource
10:50 - 11:10 Coffee Break

11:10 - 12:40 : Session 2 (morning): User Essentials

5.Identity Management: "(Re)discovering authorization APIs and LDAP model binding", Clment Oudot, Project Leader, Linagora
6.Collaboration: "Wiki 2.0 : building applications right into your wiki", Ludovic Dubost, CEO, XWiki
7.Portal: "Enterprise 2.0 Portals: What's New for Developers?", Tugdual Grall, VP Business and Product Strategy, eXo Platform

12:40 - 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 - 17:20 : Session 3 (afternoon): SOA and Business Intelligence

1.Methodology: "SOA in Action", Marc Dutoo, Consultant, Open Wide
2.Enterprise Service Bus: "PEtALS, SOA Standards In Java, The Best Of Both World", Gal Blondelle, CTO, EBM Websourcing
3.Business Process Management: "Nova Bonita, Open Source BPM Solution", Miguel Valdes Faura, BPM Manager, Bull
4.Data Integration: "Open Source BI, Geospatial, Data Quality and Data Integration platforms", Cedric Carbone, CTO, Talend
5.SOA and BI: "What's New in Open Source BI and SOA?", Davide dalle Carbonare, Project Architect, Engineering
6.Integrated Solution: "OW2 BI Initiative Solution Stack", Emma McGrattan, CTO, Ingres, Stefano Scamuzzo, BI Initiative Lead, Engineering

About the Open World Forum : At the hub of the FLOSS movement, the Open World Forum provides an international venue where FLOSS community members, politicians, IT decision makers, software project managers and leading-edge researchers and academics can meet to:

  • Strengthen collaboration between all players in the FLOSS ecosystem
  • Identify key trends and cross-fertilize ideas and initiatives
  • Send out a clear message at the highest level about the need to consolidate research, innovation and public sector initiatives in FLOSS.


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