Open Source for Public Administration, Belgium

Open Source for Public Administration, Belgium

Open Source for Public Administration Workshop April 7, 2011 Brussels, Belgium


This free to attend workshop, is an extension of the platform and was initiated to help all open source software practitioners and stakeholders from European Administrations connect.

The OW2 Community will be introduced in a presentation, given by Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering Group and OW2 Board Member.

Talk title: Open Source communities and business ecosystem strategy: OW2 Consortium from the perspective of a board member.
Abstract: The talk describes OW2 Consortium as a prominent example of a new generation of Open Source communities aiming at promoting a broad OSS stack and the development of business collaboration. OW2 includes both a software platform and a business one. The development of an ecosystem strategy balancing the community needs and business goals is the key to success. This talk is not an official OW2 presentation but it offers a general overview on OW2 structure and presents its main assets like project code base and activities, such as the Business Intelligence and Cloudware initiatives. Moreover, it gives the point of view of an OW2 founding member who is active in other OS initiatives and communities as well. This offers the chance to describe and compare different approaches to the open source domain, scoring them in order to mark the most prominent one, including different approaches, attitudes and specific goals in a common vision.

More about the event and registration:

Whom it is addressed to: This workshop invites all Open Source stakeholders, public administrations, as well as businesses and/or citizens who interact with them: cross-border project implementers; developers of Open Source software; stakeholders in FP6 and FP7 research projects; researchers; businesses; European Commission officers; ePractice members and especially those linked to European Union funded initiatives to discuss these issues.

Related workshop topics to be discussed are:
- Licensing issues
o How to choose an Open Source software product for professional use
o Licensing implications in reusing OSS components
o The relation of open source software development to licensing
o The effect of open source licenses to the software development process.
o Choosing a license for your own software

  • Software production perspective
    o OSS production quality improvement
    o Documenting Open Source Software
    o How to interact with the OSOR community
    o How to set up a project on, set up roles and manage contributions


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