OW2 Open Source Solutions Brazil Roadshow,

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OW2 Open Source Solutions Brazil Roadshow

The 2012 OW2 “Open Source Solutions Roadshow” in Brazil will be held May 8-10. There will be three stops in San Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. The initiative is best suited for four presenting software and service members presenting. This roadshow is a unique opportunity for commercial open source companies to develop a channel approach and to extend market reach in a dynamic economy that is open-source aware. A highly cost- and time-efficient business development initiative.

The OW2 Brazil Open Source Solutions Roadshow is an event aimed at triggering opportunities in the OW2 business ecosystem. Business development is the primary focus of the event whereas the promotion of the OW2 code base and the development of the community clearly come second.

For this event, we partner with Softex and its network of local agents. OW2 and Softex complement each other perfectly: while OW2's mission is to help foster a vibrant ecosystem for its members, Softex is interested to be involved because its mission is to help create business opportunities for Brazilian companies. With this initiative OW2 and Softex are developing a seamless win-win relationship.

An well targeted audience of 35-50 attendees is expected at each local event. They will be from the regional IT ecosystems: potential partners, systems integrators, VARs and end-users.

Dates and places: We are planning stages in three of Brazil's foremost business cities: Rio de Janeiro, Tuesday 8, Brasilia, Wednesday 9, Sao Paulo, Thursday 10. On-site organization is provided for by our local partners. A list of hotel recommendations will be provided for each location. Traveling between locations will be Wednesday and Thursday morning.

For more information, please download the participation document here or contact OW2 Management Office http://www.ow2.org/xwiki/bin/view/About/Management_Office.


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