OW2 Quarterly Meeting, Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium, May 3-4, 2007

Bull Belgium
Rue du Moulin  Papier
51, Papiermoulenstraat
1160 Brussels - Belgium


Agenda and practical information here (pdf)

May 3, 2007

10:00AM ? 12:30AM : OW2 COUNCILS MEETINGS (3 parallel meetings)
. Ecosystem council meeting
. Technology council meeting
. Operations council meeting

02:00PM ? 05:00PM: BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING (minutes available below)

. CEO report (plus CTO and Activity Coordinator)
. Election of the President of the Board of Directors
. Planning of Board of Directors meetings for 2007
. Wrap up


Abstract: Spagic is a solution composed by a set of visual tools and back-end applications oriented towards planning, realization, deploy and monitoring of ESB infrastructures adherent to the SOA paradigm."

  • 02:45 - 03:30PM : "Innovation through Collaboration: OW@INRIA's contribution to OW2C", by Adrian Mos, INRIA - Download the presentation
Abstract: The OW@INRIA team is involved in a wide range of international and French projects in the area of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and component-based middleware. As part of these activities and in synchronization with the European initiatives QualiPSo and NESSI, the OW@INRIA project contributes to the development and evolution of the OW2 Consortium on two main axes.
The first axis relates to the enrichment and exposure of several OW2C projects, in particular related to SOA functionality and infrastructure. Examples of such projects include the Petals Enterprise Service Bus platform based on the JBI (Java Business Integration) standard, the JOnAS application server, the Bonita workflow engine, the Orchestra process execution engine, and the XQuare integration components. In addition to these, more fundamental technologies and projects such as the Fractal components model or the JORAM messaging infrastructure are targeted in the context of collaboration efforts in which OW@INRIA has initiated or is involved.
The second axis relates to OW@INRIA project's cross-fertilisation initiatives of which a good example is the Eclipse collaboration. Complementary to OW2C, the Eclipse ecosystem revolves around integrated development solutions for a wide range of applications. One of the top level projects in Eclipse, the SOA Tools Platform (STP), aims at providing comprehensive tooling support for developing, deploying and managing SOA systems. Collaboration with the Eclipse STP project is a natural extension to OW@INRIA team's efforts in the SOA and ESB space. Consequently, the project has initiated and is leading the collaborative efforts to bring JBI support to Eclipse STP in order to provide tooling support for several OW2C projects as well as to promote existing tooling developments in the OW2C community itself. This collaboration will enhance and provide increased visibility to projects such as Cimero. Spago, Petals, Orchestra and Bonita.
These axes are excellent examples of OW@INRIA team's role as a promoter of intra and inter-community collaboration for mutual benefits by leveraging open-source development processes.

03:30PM - 04:00PM : Break

Abstract: JOnAS (jonas.objectweb.org), the flagship application server of OW2, will be available in 2007 through two main versions:
- JOnAS 4.8, released at the beginning of the year, is the last version of the J2EE 1.4 serie, it is a highly robust version, labelled as Enterprise Edition
- JOnAS 5, expected in the middle of the year, will provide a brand new flexible and adaptable services architecture, based of OSGi, besides of offering the Java EE 5 standard.
JOnAS 4.8 provides high level clustering and management, to ensure scalability and high availability. These features include dynamic clustering, enhancements in newjc tool for generating an entire cluster configuration, EJB horizontal replication, cluster management and monitoring, and remote control from the JOnAS Admin console. JOnAS is already deployed worldwide in enterprises seeking for robustness, performance and exploitability.
JOnAS 5 will bring an ultimately innovative, flexible, enterprise class application server, that can be adapted for the most critical production environments as well as for new types of applications like Edge Computing, embedded systems, RFID, WEB 2.0/Telco… These new cases of Java EE usage require a high flexibility, manageability and self adaptability. This is what is provided by the new JOnAS service oriented
architecture, based on OSGi, bringing code modularisation (bundles), dynamic deployment and management facilities, solving class loading issues, dependencies handling, and versioning. Advanced management features, including self-management, will be developed within the JASMINe OW2 project. Of course JOnAS 5 will support Java EE 5 standard, by firstly including the EasyBeans (easybeans.objectweb.org) OW2 EJB3 container.
The JOnAS development community is continuously increasing, particulary this last year with people from OrientWare (Peking University, CVICSE) and from UNIFOR (Fortaleza University in Brazil), this reinforcing established contributions from Bull, Orange, Inria, UPM and LIFL.

Evening: Social event (dinner)

May 4th, 2007


09:30AM - 10:00AM : From OrientWare to OW2, by Prof. WANG Huaimin, NUDT - Download the presentation

10:00AM ? 12:00AM: Report of the Management Office

  • Board of Directors Report
  • Ecosystem Council Report
10:45AM ? 11:15AM : Break

  • Technology Council Report
  • Operations Council Report

12:0045AM ? 12:30AM : OW2 Q&A session.
Management Office available for questions and discussions

12:30AM : End of meeting

The minutes of the OW2 Board of directors are available here - (PDF)


The number of representatives to be elected are as follows:
- Individual Members will vote to elect 1 (one) representative;
- Corporate Members will vote to elect 11(eleven) representatives;
- Strategic Members do not vote.

Members must send their Candidature by email to the mailing list:
members@ow2.org between Sunday, April 1 and Tuesday, April 11, 2007 by midnight CET.


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