Mar 15 2011

Location: Peking University, Science Building 1, Room 1801

Draft program of OSCi Workshop (1 day)

Topics addressed by each partner to be confirmed, updated by partners

i) Partners Cloud related work presentation

Bull (Benoît Pelletier, François Exertier)

  • results about the Self-XL project (self-scaling) 
  • work to be conducted in new collaborative funded projects about cloud 

PKU (Minghui Zhou, Ziyou Wang, Yan Li, Chao You...)

  • Shared Cluster and Resource Allocation : presentation and discussion

ISCAS (Wu Heng, Chen Wei, Jun Wei...)

  • Once Access Controller and Once Deployer: presentation and discussion

BUAA (Hailong Sun)

  • cloud platform for service oriented software development: presentation and discussion

INRIA/ActiveEON (Denis Caromel...)

  • ProActive: presentation and discussion

Engineering (Andrea Manieri...)

  • federated authentication, authorisation and accounting; 
  • security certification and compliance;
  • energy savings and business tools to operate cloud platforms.

ii) Identified collaboration topics

General session identifying and listing expected collaboration work

  • P2P parallels meeting between partners 
  • refinement of collaboration topics
  • technical discussion
  • collaboration process
    First identified sessions 
  • Bull/ISCAS/… : Once Access Controller / JOnAS synergies; Once Deployer / JASMINe synergies 
  • Bull/BUAA/ActiveEON/… :  BUAA Cloud Platform / JOnAS / ProActive / JASMINe synergies 
  • Bull/PKU/...: Shared Cluster / JASMINe /JOnAS synergies