OSCON, Portland, USA

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OSCON, Portland, USA

OSCON O'Reilly Open Source Convention

July 25-29, 2011
Portland, USA

OW2 showcases CompatibleOne on its booth at OSCON 2011

OSCON illusions... We've often said how much we like OSCON here at OW2. But the OSCON program committee doesn't seem to like OW2! This year again all our talk submissions have been turned down. For four years running, none of the presentations we have submitted to the committee have been accepted. Do we have a situation? We attend OSCON regularly and we know we have good technologies and good presentations. Is it that OSCON perceives itself as a regional event with no room for presentations from a non-US open source organization? Do we need to organize an "off-OSCON" event to have a chance to be heard?

OW2 is renewing its participation this year again with a booth on the exhibition floor. This event is of high interest for the OW2 Community and a great opportunity to expand the community visibility in the US.

OW2 in the exhibition:
OW2 presence on a booth in the .org area is confirmed. Thanks to the O'Reilly team to welcome us this year again.

OW2 in conferences:
The first main Call For Proposals is closed now (deadline was February 7, 2011).

There is a second Call For Proposals for a colocated conference "OSCON Java" that might be of high intest for OW2 project leaders. Deadline is March 21. Link to submit: http://www.oscon.com/oscon2011/public/cfp/159

Several OW2 projects leaders and members tried to make it for a talk at OSCON 2011, here is below the list of submitted proposals:

  • CompatibleOne Open Cloud Computing Research Project, Ludovic Dubost, XWiki and Jean-Paul Smet, Nexedi.
  • Cloud Service Bus - a public, private and hybrid cloud integration approach for SOA", Christophe Hamerling, PetalsLink.
  • Cloud OW2 OSCi Initiative and ProActive Open Source Solution, Cédric Thomas, OW2 and Denis Caromel, ProActive.
  • Top Business Intelligence Trends in 2011: the role of Open Source BI, Stefano Scamuzzo, Engineering Group.
  • SlapOS: turn your software into SaaS/PaaS and start billing in less than 3 hours, jean-Paul Smet, Nexedi.


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