Apr 26 2010

La Melée Numérique


April 28-29, 2010
Toulouse, France.
OW2 will be represented by 2 corporate members participating: PetalsLink and IceScrum Technologies.

"La Mélée Numérique" is an association aiming to promote and develop IT in the french South West region. This is also the first french IT event taking place outside Paris.

An open source village "SoLibre" is organized in the framework of this event, with the following participants list: Linagora (SSLL), Petals Link (SOA), Smile (Intégrateur), Makina Corpus (portails, SIG, décisionnel, logiciels pour l'environnement), Anyware Services (CMS et GED), NS-Team (CRM et ERP), Kelis (Chaîne éditoriale), OPCoach (Eclipse), Objectif Libre (Services et Formations autour de Linux), Apem (SiG) et IceScrum (Outil collaboratif agile)."

SoLibre is a working group created in the framework of "La melée numérique" to contribute to open source software development and promotion.

See more about the program and registration: http://salon.meleenumerique.com/page/contenu/villagedulibre