FISL Conference, Brazil

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FISL Conference, Brazil

13th Forum Internacional Software Livre

July 25-28, 2012
Porte Alegre, Brazil

About OW2 presence at FISL:

  • OW2 will submit to FISL conference team a list of presentation proposals.
1) The changing nature of open source, Cedric Thomas, OW2
2) Sugar CRM, John Mertic, SugarCRM (confirmed)
3) SpagoBI, Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy, Konsultex (confirmed)
4) eXo Platform (tbc)
5) SlapOS, Nexedi (tbc)
6) CompatibleOne project, Cédric Thomas, OW2, second speaker tbc (confirmed)
7) BonitaSoft, presented by 4Linux (tbc)

List to be completed progressively.

  • OW2 in the exhibition: OW2 is evaluating the opportunity to exhibit there again and possibly share a booth with local members.
Read more about FISL Conference: The creator of the Free Software Movement Richard Stallman will officially launch the 13th Edition of the International Free Software Forum in June, 4, at 2:30 PM at the Palacio Piratini, headquarters of the Rio Grande do Sul State. Stallman will be at Porto Alegre for the debate "Freedom in the digital society" with governor Tarso Genro, to celebrate the first year of functioning of the Governor´s Digital Office, 40 years of the RS Data Processing Company (Procergs), 25 years of the State Secretariat of Science and Technology (SCIT) and 70 years of the Foundation for Science and Technology (Cientec).

The event will also demonstrate the commitment of the State Government with the Free Software Use Policy and with freedom in the Internet. richard Stallman is known as the father of the free software movement. In 1983 he created the GNU Project in the United States, aimed at creating a completely free operating system, that anyone could use, study, modify and redistribute. He is also the founder of the Free Software foundation and currently he dedicates to popularise the ideals of freedom and free software in the world. The Internet freedom activist Marcelo Branco was invited to speak about those issues in the Brazilian scenario.

Deailed information about OW2 presentations:
1) SugarCRM
Title : Building an application on the SugarCRM Hplatform
Need to build an application to run part of your organization? One approach is that you could start writing something from scratch, perhaps leveraging an existing general purpose framework to help get you going. However, even if you use a framework, there's still the need to build all those standard components such as user interface, workflow, and ACL security, which can take quite some time to design and code. There's no need to start from scratch; SugarCRM is designed as a Rapid Application Development platform. In this session you'll learn the basics on how to build a business application on the Open Source SugarCRM platform.
Intervenant : John MERTIC, SUGARCRM


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