Oct 21 2009

Enterprise 2.0 Conference
Date : November 2-5, 2009
San Fransisco, CA, USA
About the Conference:
The theme for San Francisco is "unlocking the business value of Enterprise 2.0" with an emphasis on how real customers are using Enterprise 2.0 to enable more efficient, agile and highly productive workforces. The tools for Enterprise 2.0 are ready, and getting better all the time. Smart businesses are seeing the potential and investing in Enterprise 2.0 solutions. Now is the time to point to specific business challenges and opportunities that Enterprise 2.0 can address.

About the Enterprise 2.0 Launch Pad:
The Enterprise 2.0 Conference is looking for innovative applications that are in development and about to launch. The Four Launch Pad Finalists will present their app to the conference on November 4, 2009.See more about the Launch Pad contest: http://launchpad.e2conf.com/

We are very happy to announce that XWiki is one of the finalists and has been invited to exhibit and present Xwiki project during Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Fransisco.