Cloud Computing World Conference

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Cloud Computing World Conferences & Expo

Cloud Computing World Conference
April 10-11, 2013
CNIT, Paris

Visit us on the OW2 booth and attend the Open Cloud Workshop!

OW2 will showcase on its booth during both days of Cloud Computing World Expo the XLcloud and OCEAN collaborative projects.

Open Cloud Workshop, April 10, Afternoon

This workshop will be organized and co-ordinated by OW2, and will be open to other open cloud communities. It will offer to attendees a mix of panel discussion and presentations given by experts from the open cloud community at large. The detailed program will be published soon, stay tuned! Register now to Cloud Computing World Conference and select the Open Cloud Workshop.

About the Open Cloud Workshop:
The Open Cloud is reaching public and private infrastructures, offering a new flexibility to local, national and global IT projects. Innovation takes place around technical and collaborative projects federating ISVs, scientific and industrial research groups. They rely on cloud standards such as OCCI, CIMI and CDMI to improve data portability and service interoperability over heterogenous infrastructures. To seize the latest Open Cloud opportunities, visit Cloud Computing World Expo, April 10-11, in Paris and join the April 10th afternoon free Open Cloud Workshop, designed and co-ordinated by the OW2 OSCi (Open Source Cloudware initiative) and gathering many open cloud projects, experts and communities.

Tentative topics (to be confirmed) :

  • OCEAN: premier who’s who du Cloud Open source
  • Comment intégrer l’Open Source dans le datacenter ?
  • L’open Cloud revisite l’informatique hautes performances (HPC)
  • Les enjeux du passage à l’échelle
  • Les communautés open cloud et leur défis
Several projects from the OW2 Community active in the open cloud field will participate and will be presented. Other open cloud communities will also be invited.

Cloud Computing World Conference

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