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Our friends in Brazil have invited OW2 to give a presentation at CONSEGI 2010, the third congress on open source and electronic governement in Latin America.

OW2 was well represented in CONSEGI through a number of its members including 4Linux, Bull Brasil, Neociclo, SERPRO and USP. Adding to that more than a dozen meetings with companies and organizations such as Caixa, Cobra Technologia, LatinoWare, Softex, Linux Magazine, etc. and we know have a good roadmap for the development of our community in Brazil.

The OW2 session, at CONSEGI, was chaired by Deivy Kuhn of SERPRO. We presented our analysis of the relationship between commercial open source as we know it today and the challenges and opportunities posed to OW2 by the rise of cloud computing. Our view is that the powerful commoditization trend in software which help commercial open source grow to what it is today is now fueling the growth of cloud computing. The relationship between open source and cloud computing will be complex: they will be both rival and complementary. The opportunities for OW2 derive from the need for software innovation in cloud computing on one hand and from the fact that open clouds will require open source software. There will be no open clouds without open source software: our opportunity is to offer open source for open clouds and we execute our strategy through the OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative.

The pdf file of the 30' presentation is here.


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