Nov 04 2010

CHOReOS Kick-Off Meeting

*CHOReOS Kick-Off Meeting*
* October 4-6, 2010*
* Paris, France.*

CHOReOS is a project funded by the European Seventh Framework Program.
CHOReOS develops solutions to design and manage ultra large-scale choreographies that will run the services which will constitute the essence of the Future Internet.

OW2 was invited to join in by Corporate Member EBMWebsourcing who is a key contributor to the project. The scientific leadership of the project is assumed by OW2 Strategic Member INRIA.

The project kick-off took place on October 4-6, 2010 in Paris, with OW2 attending together with the 13 other members of the CHOReOS consortium.

OW2 concentrates on fostering the dissemination work package by polling together its technical infrastructure and its expertise in dissemination activities such as supporting open source development projects, supporting a global community, developing awareness and communication material across different countries, continents and cultures and organizing meetings and professional conferences. OW2 provides its dissemination channel into the open source world in particular. OW2's pivotal role in this work package comes as natural since two other participants in the project consortium are members of OW2.

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