e-Gov Initiative

E-Government Initiative

Status: Incubation

The e-Government Initiative targets the specific needs of high-volume processes to be implemented by modern administrations. E-Government is a critical IT domain where the open-source business model allows the dissemination of advanced technologies to large scale applications with high numbers of users while maintaining under control the cost of access to these technologies. The objective is to help grow the number of innovative applications and added-value services available to the public by providing the basic set of technologies required by the producers of e-government innovations.

Initiative Working Group: Li JingJacques CayuelaYvonne YuanJean-Pierre LorreGerd SchuermannXavier DomecqGr?gory LopezLi Chunqing
Beihang University
Digital China
EBM Websourcing
Fraunhofer Fokus
ID Logism
THALES (Initiative Lead)

Initiative documents:

e-Gov Initiative

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