Resources for OW2 users

In this page, you will find resources useful for users of OW2 technology, and for understanding how to make the most of what OW2 has to offer.

Most information is already on the OW2 website. The main difficulty is to find it!

The purpose of this page is to help you get to it.

Documentation about OW2

The Marketing resources section of the website contains many useful information about OW2 (section "OW2 information"). There are several OW2 presentations in various formats (factsheet, executive overview, corporate and technical presentations, …).

In particular, you will find:

  • the general OW2 presentation (PDF)
  • the technical OW2 presentation (PDF).

OW2 activities

The introduction to OW2 activities page explains the main activities of OW2: projects, initiatives and local chapters

OW2 projects: the code base

The OW2 projects constitute the code base of OW2. More information about the project can be found starting on the project page.

Note that the OW2 main page also lists all current mature and incubator projects.

Following the link from each project will lead you to the project dashboard. Each dashboards contains information such as the project webpage, the link to the forge and the source code location of the project, its mailing lists.

Moreover, the OW2 Forge is also an interesting entry point for users OW2 project  interested in the technical issues and the development of OW2 projects.

(under construction) Links to tutorials provided by project will soon be added to facilitate the use of projects.