Technology Council

Technology Council

Next Meeting

Next TC meeting: 16 November 2009, 10AM (CET i.e. Paris time), by phone conference. Call: +33 172 807 597.

Detailed agenda:

1) CCV presentation 10:00am – 10:30am CET CCV stands for "Common Customer View" is a 3-year joint development by OSA members. The interest for OW2 is to have a new Initiative examplifying the addition to our code base of user-ready applications. The presentation, by Mike Moody, CTO, Jaspersoft, will be based on the online demo available at See the presentation here

2) ChangFeng presentation 10:30am – 11:00am CET Changfeng is a professional association with 70 members including the most influential platform software vendors in China. Services provided to members include: technology meetings, participation in standards organizations, marketing promotion and conferences. ChangFeng is interested in developing international cooperation with OW2. ChangFeng is looking into becoming an OW2 Associate Organization. Please see and the Changfeng presentation here.

3) Technology positioning discussion launch 11:00am – 11:30am CET Discussion with regard to OW2 technology driving force. We suggest to launch (or re-launch) the discussion from the community survey results available at: Aggregated results show preference for: promoting flagship projects (84%), creating an interoperability architecture (70%) and focusing on user-ready projects (64%)

4) Infrastructure 11:30am – 12:30am CET Continuation of the discussions about the software provided to the projects:

  • managing space problems related to large historical logfiles and "old" download files
  • question raised of OW2 download costs for those projects whose members haven't paid their membership fees
Please be on time! Given the time zones, this will be a night call for Mike Moody who is based in San Francisco. We appreciate Mike's effort.

Technology Council Charter

The Technology Council is responsible for building the overall technical architecture, including defining technical guidelines, for providing technology validation, for making Project lifecycle decisions, for monitoring production and overall Projects consistency.

Projects submitted but not yet approved are registered on the OW2 Forge, here.

The Technology Council also defines OW2's architecture vision, it validates the founding charters of Projects and Initiatives and it approves reuse of non-OW2 code into Projects and Initiatives.

The Technology Council provides guidelines to the OPAL Team regarding the evolution of the OW2 technical platform.

Minutes of Technology Council meetings are available here.

Participants in the Technology Council

Florent Benoit: BULL
Ga�l Blondelle: EBM Websourcing (Chairman)
Jacques Cayuela: BULL
Sebastien Chassande-Barrioz: individual member
Pascal Dechamboux: FRANCE TELECOM
Didier Donsez: IMAG
Fran�ois Exertier: BULL
Pierre-Yves Gibello: EXPERLOG
Julien Viet: EXO Platform
Laurent Laudinet: THALES
Alexandre Lefebvre: FRANCE TELECOM
Goulven Le Jeune: BULL Jiangning LIU: CVIC SE
Antoine Mensch: ODONATA
Christophe Ney: WANAGER
Stephane Ribas: INRIA
Guillaume Sauthier: BULL
Jean-Bernard Stefani: INRIA
Miguel Valdez-Faura: BULL
Yongwang ZHAO: BUAA

Minutes of Technology Council meetings

29 September 2009, Montbonnot, France(physical meeting, see the corresponding OW2 Quarterly Meeting page for downloading the presentations)

15 September 2009, audioconference (see also the list of proposed topics by Trustie for 29 September)

10 June 2009, audioconference

30 March 2009, Paris, France (physical meeting, see the corresponding OW2 Quarterly Meeting page for downloading the presentations)

23 January 2009, audioconference

2 December 2008, Paris, France (physical meeting, see the corresponding OW2 Quarterly Meeting page for downloading the presentations)

10 October 2008, audioconference

24 September 2008, Paris, France (physical meeting, see the corresponding OW2 Quarterly Meeting page for downloading the presentations)

3 September 2008, audioconference

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