Technology Council

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Technology Council

This page contains information about the OW2 Technology Council:

Next Meeting

The last physical Technology Council meetings took take place on 9 March 2011, between 5:00pm and 7:00pm (Paris Time) during the In The Cloud conference (see also the OW2 In The Cloud event page).

The last Technology Council meeting took place by IRC on 12 January 2011. See the minutes section below.

IRC instructions can be found here.

Technology Council Charter

The Technology Council is responsible for building the overall technical architecture, including defining technical guidelines, for providing technology validation, for making Project lifecycle decisions (see the project page and the lifecycle criteria), for monitoring production and overall Projects consistency.

Projects submitted but not yet approved are registered on the OW2 Forge, here.

The Technology Council also defines OW2's architecture vision, it validates the founding charters of Projects and Initiatives and it approves reuse of non-OW2 code into Projects and Initiatives.

The Technology Council provides guidelines to the Management Office regarding the evolution of the OW2 technical platform.

Minutes of Technology Council meetings are available here.

Participants in the Technology Council

Guillaume Sauthier: Chairman of the Technology Council

Sébastien André: Petals Link\ Florent Benoit: Bull\ Olivier Beyler: Orange Labs\ Gaël Blondelle: Obeo\ Stephan Brunessaux: Cassidian\ Cédric Carbone: Talend\ Denis Caromel: INRIA\ Jacques Cayuela: Bull\ Sébastien Chassande-Barrioz: RaisePartner\ Charly Clairmon: Altic\ Romain Courteaud: Nexedi\ Pascal Dechamboux: Orange\ Philippe Delrieux: Ubikis\ Didier Donsez: IMAG\ Christophe Dousson: Orange Labs\ Pierre Dubois: Requea\ Marc Dutoo: OpenWide\ Clément Escoffier: akquinet\ François Exertier: Bull\ Stéphane Fermigier: Nuxeo\ Andre Freyssinet: ScalAgent DT\ Guillaume Gens \ Pierre-Yves Gibello: Petals Link\ Patrick Giroux: Cassidian\ Andrea Goia: Engineering\ Tugdual Grall: eXo\ Christophe Gravier: Institut Télécom\ Florent Garin: DocDoku\ Laurent Guérin: Sogeti\ Christophe Hamerling: Petals Link\ Michaël Hirt: Talend\ Ricardo Jimenez-Peris: Engineering\ Jeremi Joslin: eXo\ Han Jun: BUAA\ Michael Kleinhenz: Tarent\ Laurent Laudinet: Thales\ Goulven Le Jeune: Bull\ Matthieu Leclercq: ST Microelectronics\ Marc Leger: EMN\ Alexandre Lefebvre: CTO\ Jning Liu: CVIC\ Stefano Maffuli: Funambol\ Antonio Majori: Engineering\ Julie Marguerite: Thales\ Rafael Marins: Neociclo\ Pascal Marquat: Ubikis\ Vincent Massol: xWiki\ Jean-Marc Menaud: EMN\ Antoine Mensch: Odonata\ Philippe Merle: INRIA\ Mike Moody: Jaspersoft\ Patrick Moreau: INRIA\ Augusto Moreira: SERPRO\ Benoît Pelletier: Bull\ Emmanuel Rias: Bull\ Stephane Ribas: INRIA\ Américo Sampaio: Unifor\ Stefano Scamuzzo: Engineering\ Lionel Seinturier: INRIA\ Dianxi Shi: NUDT\ Ye Shiyang: ISCAS\ Jean-Paul Smets: Nexedi\ Charles Souillard: BonitaSoft\ Dennis Sosnoski: JiBX 2\ Hailong Sun: BUAA\ Patrice Truon Van Nga\ Petr Tuma: Charles University\ Miguel Valdes: BonitaSoft\ Julien Viet: eXo\ Wei Wang: ISCAS\ Gang Yin: NUDT\ Yongwang Zhao: BUAA\ Junfeng Zhao: PKU\ Bin Zhou: NUDT\ Minghui Zhou: PKU\

Florent Benoit: BULL\ Gaël Blondelle: EBM Websourcing (Chairman)\ Jacques Cayuela: BULL\ Sebastien Chassande-Barrioz: individual member\ Pascal Dechamboux: FRANCE TELECOM\ SHI Dianxi: NUDT\ Didier Donsez: IMAG \ François Exertier: BULL\ YIN Gang (Jack): NUDT\ Pierre-Yves Gibello: EXPERLOG\ Ricardo Jimenez-Peris: UNIVERSIDA POLITECNICA DE MADRID\ Julien Viet: EXO Platform\ Laurent Laudinet: THALES\ Alexandre Lefebvre: FRANCE TELECOM\ Goulven Le Jeune: BULL\ LIU Jiangning: CVIC SE\ Antonio Majori: ENGINEERING INFORMATICA\ Antoine Mensch: ODONATA\ Christophe Ney: WANAGER\ Stephane Ribas: INRIA\ Guillaume Sauthier: BULL\ Jean-Bernard Stefani: INRIA \ SONG Jingyu: ISCAS\ Petr Tuma: CHARLES UNIVERSITY\ Miguel Valdez-Faura: BULL\ ZHOU Minghui: PEKING UNIVERSITY\ HAN Jun: BUAA\ Yongwang ZHAO: BUAA\ \ >

Minutes of Technology Council meetings

12 January 2011, IRC meeting (See also IRC transcript)

8 October 2010, IRC meeting

30 June 2010, IRC meeting and the {infrastructure discussion summary@OW2-TC-Minutes20100630.pdf}  (see also {IRC transcript||title="20100630-maven-git-sonar.txt"]])

15 March 2010, Issy les Moulineaux, France (physical meeting, see the corresponding Technology Council Meeting page for downloading the presentations)

9 December 2009, audioconference

16 November 2009, audioconference, see the agenda of the meeting including presentation material here

29 September 2009, Montbonnot, France (physical meeting, see the corresponding OW2 Quarterly Meeting page for downloading the presentations)

15 September 2009, audioconference)

10 June 2009, audioconference 

30 March 2009, Paris, France (physical meeting, see the corresponding OW2 Quarterly Meeting page for downloading the presentations)

23 January 2009, audioconference 

2 December 2008, Paris, France (physical meeting, see the corresponding OW2 Quarterly Meeting page for downloading the presentations)

10 October 2008, audioconference 

24 September 2008, Paris, France (physical meeting, see the corresponding OW2 Quarterly Meeting page for downloading the presentations)

3 September 2008, audioconference 

23 July 2008, audioconference 

13 June 2008, audioconference 

15 May 2008, Grenoble, France (physical meeting, see the corresponding OW2 Quarterly Meeting page for downloading the presentations)

17 April 2008, audioconference 

2 April 2008, audioconference 

20 March 2008, audioconference 

7 March 2008, audioconference

30 January 2008, audioconference 

13 December 2007, Antwerpen, Belgium

13 September 2007, Neuchatel, Switzerland (physical meeting, see the corresponding OW2 Quarterly Meeting page for downloading the presentations)

12 April 2007, audioconference 

21 March 2007, audioconference 

21 February 2007, audioconference 

07 February 2007, audioconference 

24 January 2007, audioconference 

19 January 2007, audioconference 

10 January 2007, audioconference 

14 December 2006, audioconference 

07 December 2006, audioconference 

30 November 2006, audioconference 

23 November 2006, audioconference 

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