Social Media and Collaboration Tools

freenode-logo.png Connect with other OW2 community members via Freenode Internet Relay Chat (IRC): #ow2-community. You can connect using either a dedicated IRC client (we use XChat and Konversation) or Freenode's browser-based client.

OW2 invites you to join the OW2 community group @ LinkedIn, where you can interact with other OW2 members, find out who will be attending industry events, discuss news items of interest to the OW2 community, participate in discussions with OW2 members and conduct professional networking. This group is managed by Eric Le Goff and Ed Daniel. OW2 has an organisation profile at LinkedIn, feel free to follow us and keep your finger on the pulse of OW2.


There is an OW2 group on Facebook. This group is managed by Laurent Guerin.
follow-us-on-twitter-bird.jpg Twitter is a great way to keep up with all that's going on in the OW2 community in real-time.

Discover information on upcoming events, new project features and the issues that OW2 members feel are important and relevant for the community to follow.

We use the #ow2 hashtag for OW2 related posts as well as manage a dedicated account for primary alerts & updates from the management office.

For a preview of what's going on take a look at our Twitter bar on the right of this page ->

It goes without saying that we are a community - you are welcome to make use of these networks to reach out to OW2 project teams and engage with OW2 members.
OW2 Social Network Policy: social networks are great tools to help foster communities however, they also have their inherent risks. Please see our social network policy here.
If you'd like to collaborate with us directly we already use Google Docs, Jabber & Skype. For more information please get in touch via email.