Project Lifecycle Criteria

OW2 project classification

The project life cycle is composed of three stages: Incubation, Mature and Archive. The following criteria are used to decide the status of each project.

  • Does the project code base compile?
  • Are there users outside the project leader organization?
If yes, please list project users (other OW2 projects, external entities, ...):

Are there professional services around the project code base? A commercial support offer?

If yes, please indicate services and/or support providers:

Is there a web site?

If yes, please indicate the project website URL:

Is there a data sheet? If yes, please indicate the URL at which the project datasheet can be found:

Is the project written in English, or, better, internationalised? EnglishInternationalizedOther language

Is there a project roadmap?

If yes, please indicate the project roadmap URL:

Is the project competing with another OW2 mature project - this is for information, and OW2 accepts internal competition?

If yes, please indicate other OW2 competing projects:

Does this project reinforces the consortium as a whole?

If yes, please motivate how your project reinforces OW2:

Is there a lead (one or several contact persons) who is a corporate OW2 member?

If yes, to which OW2 corporate member does the project lead belong:

Do you consider that the project has no more development activity (about 1 year since last commits)?

Has the project officially been moved to another place than OW2?

If yes, please provide the new project URL:

Are there binary, source, documentation available on OW2 infrastructure?

Is there an identified project lead (one, or maybe several person(s))?

Has the project ever released code or binaries ? If not, does it intend to do so in the future ? ("ghost" or "fake" projects) will be deleted when moving to archive