Collaborative Projects

Why is OW2 engaged in collaborative projects?

We believe innovations in cloud computing, big data and the future Internet are increasingly complex and require the collaboration between competitors and the contributions of stakeholders of different origins. We believe open source is a powerful strategy to facilitate such collaboration and thus to foster long-term radical innovations.

OW2 contributes its expertise in commercial open source community enablement, open source project lifecycle management and global dissemination of open source technologies as a partner in various collaborative projects. Please download the datasheet explaining how OW2 helps collaborative projects. 

OW2 engages in projects that offer compelling synergies with the OW2 community, the OW2 codebase and OW2 initiatives

In which collaborative projects is OW2 engaged?

OW2 is involved in half dozen collaborative projects. They are complex international and/or multi-partner projects. Below are the collaborative projects that OW2 is currently participating in:

CompatibleOne Research & Development project (cloudware)
CHOReOS FP7 ICT Research & Development project (middleware)
OpenCloudware FSN Research & Development project (cloudware)
XLcloud FSN Research & Development project (HPC, cloud)
OCEAN - Open Cloud for Europe, Japan and Beyond 
RISCOSS - Managing Risk and Costs in Open Source Software Adoption