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OCEAN is a two-year project kicking off in October 2012, which will contribute to the emergence of a sustainable open cloud business ecosystem in Europe. OCEAN will focus on three types of open cloud projects:

European FP7 research projects,
European national open cloud projects,
Japanese open cloud projects.

To generate synergies among open cloud projects and reduce overlaps between them, OCEAN has developed a four-pronged approach that will: create trust, develop synergies, ensure compliance and maintain active interest in the program.


By bringing together organisations from Germany, France, Italy and Japan, the OCEAN project will have a positive impact in the open cloud community. 

The Ocean consortium is coordinated by Fraunhofer. In addition to Fraunhofer, three other partners contribute their expertise to the Ocean project. These are:

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA, (ENG)
Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)

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