OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative

OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative

Why the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative

Mid-March 2010, the Technology Council and the Board of Directors agreed that Cloud Computing represents a strategic opportunity for OW2. We started an internal discussion, code named JetStream, see the presentation here, and we decided to launch a new Initiative dedicated to combining our open souce software cloud-oriented community assets.

On May 5, we announce the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative. The OW2 Initiative will help define the future of open source cloud computing.

The OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative is a joint effort set up to:

  • foster open and interoperable cloud computing architecture
  • develop open source solutions for autonomic resource elasticity management
  • strengthen connections between integrators, vendors, users and the research communities
  • attract more attention from the research activities to foster innovative Cloudware solutions and practices.


The OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative is lead by OW2 Strategic Members Bull, France Telecom and INRIA.

Right after the launch, the leaders will invite OW2 members and non-members alike to take part in the Initaitive by submitting contributions.



The Cloudware Initiative offers a number of benefits to the participants:

  • a market opportunity
  • the chance to drive the growth of their OS Cloud solutions in a common direction achieving a great worth
  • the involvement in research activities driving innovation
  • a facilitation in driving OS Cloud solutions in the emerging countries' markets.

News and events


  • 2010-05 Launch of the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative
See the Cloudware Initiative Press Release in English and in French.


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