OW2 OSCI sota and competitive analysis

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OW2 OSCI sota and competitive analysis

This page is collectively updated by participants in the OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative. It represents an effort to asses state of the art and to start a competitive analysis.

Members of the working group

Working group coordinators

  • Patrick Moreau – INRIA
  • Lionel Seinturier – INRIA

Working group members

  • Cédric Carbone – Talend for DOMAIN 3
  • Jean-Pierre Dion – Bull for DOMAIN 1
  • Jean-Pierre Laisné – Bull for DOMAIN 4
  • Alexandre Lefebvre – Orange
  • Jean-Pierre Lorré - Petals Link for DOMAIN 2
  • Wang Wei - ISCAS

Document History

v1.0 PM Nov 6, 2010 Initial version
v1.1 LS Nov 9, 2010 Contribution on the initial version for the glossary and domains 1, 2 & 3
v1.2 PM Nov 10, 2010 format, some clarification on section 3

1. Introduction

After exchanges between LS and PM, it has been decided to merge the state of the art action with the competitiveness one.
As noticed during the first OSCi workshop, OSCi does not provide stacks. It has been decided to rename it “component set”.
The objectives of this working group are:

  1. To establish the motivation to adopt Open source solutions for Cloud
    2. To perform a macroscopic comparison of “OSCi component set” with state-of-the-art cloud stacks or component set
    3. To perform a brick by brick comparison of OSCi components with state-of-the-art  open source cloud components
    4. To issue recommendations for an innovative roadmap

As far as we can, we try ti have a global approach but often we have to detail the analysis domain par domain.

  • Domain 1: Self-sizing and green PaaS
  • Domain 2: Massively distributed services
  • Domain 3: BI4Cloud
  • Domain 4: Massively distributed cloud

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