OW2 Open Source Corporate Network Meeting

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The **OW2 Open Source Corporate Networking Meeting** is an open source business executive event. It provides networking opportunities within the international open source community. OW2 is organizing it as a complement to the OW2 Programming Contest. The award ceremony of the Programming Contest will take place the same week, just after this Business networking meeting, on September 24-26, 2010 in Ningxia University.

The event is a one day meeting that will feature:

• Mix of project presentations and business talks:
 • International meeting gathering participants Chinese and international;
 • Speakers and participants from universities, enterprises, administrations and journalists,
 • Improve international cooperation between Europe and China in the field of open source technologies;
 • Strengthen the cooperation between universities & industry;
 • Develop unique business opportunities.\\

**Date**\ Tuesday 11 October, 2011.

**Venue** The meeting is hosted by the prestigious **[[BeiHang University>>http://ev.buaa.edu.cn/]]**
 XueYuan Road No.37, HaiDian District, BeiJing,China Tel:86-10-82317658.

For more info and speaking opportunities: please contact mo AT ow2.org


9:00-9:15 Opening speech
 9:15-9:45 Keynote Address\\

9:45-10:15 Coffee break and Demo time\\

10:15 **Case study workshop**\\

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* Case study 1: CoSoft (confirmed)
* Case study 2
* Case study 3

11:45-12:00 Case study workshop panel discussion\\

12:00 Lunch break\\

13:45 **SQuAT workshop: Software Quality and Trustworthiness**\\

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* Introduction, Cédric Thomas
* Fossology test results, Alexandre Lefebvre
* Fossology, HP, Dong Ma

15:15-15:30 Software quality panel discussion\\

15:30-16:15 Coffee break and Demo time\\

16:15 **Open Source Cloudware Initiative workshop**\\

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* CompatibleOne cooperative project, Cédric Thomas
* OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative, Alexandre Lefebvre
* One or two presentations from Peking University - Beihang University - ISCAS (tbc)

17:45-18:00 Cloud computing workshop panel discussion\\

18:00 Closing Session, debriefing and concluding remarks
 18:30 - Cocktail and Gala dinner\\

**Sponsoring opportunities** Sponsors of the OW2 Programming Contest are invited to give a presentation during this meeting and invite their partners. Take this great opportunity of global exposure to the open source community! For further sponsorship material please see the OW2 Programming Contest [[sponsor document>>attach:SponsorInfoProgContest10-ct.pdf]].


If you wish to attend the OW2 Corporate Networking Meeting, just please send an email to management-office AT ow2.org (or mo AT ow2.org) with the following informations (all entries required):\\

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* First name and last name
* Company/ Organization
* Job Title
* Email address
* Country and City of residence
* Telephone number
* Do you need assistance with accommodation? Y/N

Email title: Registration to the OW2 Corporate Networking Meeting, Beijing Open Source Week, October 2011.

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