The OW2 Business Intelligence Initiative

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The OW2 Business Intelligence Initiative

The OW2 BI initiative is currently concentrating on supporting the domain 3 of OW2 OSCi (Open Source Cloudware initiative),
namely BI4Cloud, in order to build appliances and software packages towards cloud distribution.

For more information and updates on the ongoing activities, visit the OSCi webpage.

Why the OW2 BI Initiative

The BI Initiative is a joint effort set up to:

  • improve the coordination effort in the OS BI context
  • increase the use of OS BI solutions at enterprise level
  • strengthen connections between integrators, vendors, users and the research communities
  • attract more attention from the research activities to foster innovative BI solutions and practices.
See the BI Initiative Manifesto


The BI Initiative offers a number of benefits to the participants:

  • a market opportunity
  • the chance to drive the growth of their OS BI solutions in a common direction achieving a great worth
  • the involvement in research activities driving innovation
  • the chance to enlarge business opportunities, such as consultancy and services
  • a facilitation in driving OS BI solutions in the emerging countries' markets.

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