Project overview


The WebLab is an open source platform aiming at providing intelligence (business, strategic, military...) solutions and any other applications that need to process multimedia data (text, image, audio and video)

If one should resume the capabilities of the WebLab platform in few words, it is to provide an infrastructure to build complete chains that allow:

  • Collection of data from open sources;
  • Processing to extract information;
  • Retrieval and navigation;
  • Analysis and exploitation.
Thus, WebLab enables fully integrated OSINT system with:
  • Coherent architecture;
  • Flexible processing work-flow;
  • Unified presentation.
Going in to the details needs to have a simple understanding of the WebLab layers illustrated in the figure. The WebLab platform is structured in 3 major layers:

  • WebLab Core: An open source technical baseline (and free to use in any commercial application) acting as a runtime environment for unstructured information processing services. It has been developed by the Information Processing Competence Center of CASSIDIAN (an EADS company) and its partners in several projects.
  • WebLab Services: A set of multimedia processing services and GUI either open source or commercial components developed upon the WebLab model and using standardized interfaces (either services interfaces or portlets models) in order to realize specific functions.
  • WebLab Applications: A set of business specific applications either open source or commercial systems build on top of the WebLab using a selected set of services.
Thus the WebLab core act as the infrastructure to host and make efficient use of advanced components (i.e. WebLab services) in order to build a complete system (i.e. a WebLab application). Moreover, as part of the WebLab project, some components are provided as open sources and a demonstration application is proposed.

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See here for a description of OW2 SQuAT programme.

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