Project overview


The Telosys project is made of two independent subprojects :

  • The *Telosys Tools* project
A code generator based on a Velocity engine working with a lightweight model itself generated from any database meta-data.

This tool offers a simple and pragmatic approach for code generation.

The Telosys Tools are provided as an Eclipse Plugin available on Eclipse MarketPlace :

Since version 2.0 this tool is completely independent of the Telosys Framework and can be used to generate any kind of code : Java (JPA, Struts, Spring, … ), PHP, Python, etc…

For more information see the Telosys Tools web site

  • The *Telosys Framework* project
The Telosys framework is a full-stack global framework based on AJAX and standard Java EE technologies.

The version 2 of the framework is currently under construction ( “Telosys Framework NG” ).

This new version is composed of independent components :

. the Lightweight Persistence API ( LPA ) : for the persistence layer

. the Injector : for Dependency Injection

. the Web layer

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FOSSology analysis Antepedia report Sonar OMM report (Open Maturity Model)
License analysis for Telosys 1.1.2 Antepedia report (CSV) for Telosys 1.1.1
Antepedia report (HTML) for Telosys 1.1.1
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Support Case studies
Professional support for Telosys
Case study: How to migrate from Client/Server to Java/Web with Telosys