Petals ESB

Project overview

Petals ESB is an open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), the service oriented infrastructure for service oriented architectures (SOA). Petals ESB is suitable for deployment in real-time, rapidly changing environments that are typically common in large scale enterprise SOA solutions.

Used in conjunction with Petals View (monitoring), Petals Master (SOA governance) and Petals Studio (SOA IDE) the Petals ESB offers a complete and open source service oriented infrastructure toolkit for your SOA solution.

Petals ESB is an open source offering that provides all the necessary components to build your service oriented infrastructure. Loosely couple services, design your infrastructure and ensure runtime scalability in a fully distributed architecture with Petals ESB. In addition, Petals ESB eliminates the rigidity of point to point integration by using a robust architecture that is scalable and extensible across the enterprise information ecosystem.

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Support Case studies
Professional support for Petals ESB
Case study: Connecting a Nation-Wide Infrastructure with a Partner at French Social Agency (ACOSS)
Case study: Orange TV enables Scalability for its Broadband TV Platform, using Petals ESB as Mediation Platform
Other case studies