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Project overview

OW2 Utility has started its life as a complete separate project in the OW2 EasyBeans codebase. It has been designed to let multiple projects (EasyBeans, JOnAS, CMI to name a few) use theses modules without introducing some cyclic dependencies (a third party project, decoupled from JOnAS and co).

It aims to provide a place where OW2 developers (and others) may find or contribute reusable pieces of code. It already provides: annotation processor, an archive API, eventing support, file and URL utilities, a log API with internationalization, a marshaller/unmarshaller utility, a property substitution engine, ...

Every project of some size has some utility modules. The idea here is to centralize all OW2's utilities in one place.

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See here for a description of OW2 SQuAT programme.

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