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The Chameleon project aims to provide a simple way to lay out specific OSGi runtimes fitting your requirements. The strategy is to provide a layered stack. Each layer focuses on a specific part of the system: from the underlying runtime to a service catalog containing useful and reusable services.

The Chameleon service catalog lists services and their implementations. This catalog focuses on the service concept and implementations are substitutable. So, you can choose your implementations according to our requirements and switch dynamically to another one. The catalog does not only contain services defined and implemented on OW2 Chameleon, but also contains standard OSGi services as well as others services.

The infrastructure layer contains a set of frameworks to:

  • Interact with remote services and deal with distributed event protocols
  • Introspect the current state of the system
  • (Re-) configure the system
  • Administrate the system and the applications
Depending of the application, you can choose the framework you need, deploy them later…

Chameleon does not define only one way to deploy components, but support several mechanisms such as:

  • Apache Felix FileInstall: to install bundles locally easily (like a ‘deploy’ folder on JavaEE application server)
  • OSGi Bundle Repository: to deploy OSGi components and their dependencies
  • OSGi Deployment Admin: to deploy a set of OSGi bundles inside one deployment package
  • Apache Ace: to manage the deployment on a set of OSGi runtime
Finally, Chameleon provides distributions, i.e. specific configured stacks containing a set of selected component to fit one domain such as web applications, lightweight servers … When you download a distribution, you have all what you need to run the Chameleon. But you can always extend / customize it to fit your needs.

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