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Bonita Open Solution - BPM and Workflow Software

An intuitive and powerful solution to build process based applications for optimum cost

Draw your processes - it's as easy as using a whiteboard

Save time and effort designing your processes with Bonita Open Solution. This Business Process Management solution is smart enough to let you draw your processes graphically, as naturally as on a whiteboard.

Connect easily with your existing Information Systems

No more special development effort required. Connect your Bonita Open Solution processes to your existing systems (databases, messaging, enterprise resource planning, enterprise content management, data warehousing, customer relationship management, and more) - with a complete set of technical and business connectors.

Run your processes in one click

Applications with Bonita Open Solution are like nothing you've ever seen in a BPM solution. Draw your process and simply click to run the application. Process-based applications at your fingertips - finally, practical Business Process Management with Bonita Open Solution.

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