OW2 Projects Organized by Function

Here is the OW2 code base organized in several functional categories:

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Application platforms

Project Description Datasheet Status License Standards
DotNetJ Tool that gives .NET applications the ability to use Java components or J2EE applications as if they were .NET assemblies. Archive LGPL JavaEE .NET

Emerginov The Emerginov platform is an open PHP PaaS developed for the internal Orange Labs research project “Solution for Emergining countries and new market". It consists in the smart integration of lots of open source components + the development of the glue between these components. Incubator Apache

Enhydra Java/XML Application Server & Dev Kit. Archive LGPL

Funambol Open source SyncML server and framework. PDF Archive Affero GPL OMA DS OMA DM

GASP Middleware solution to support Multiplayer Mobile Games (MMG) and Multiplayer Ubiquitous Games (MUGs), that implement and extends the Open Mobile Alliance GS specifications. Archive LGPL OMA GS OSGi

JORAM JMS compliant enterprise messaging middleware. Mature LGPL JMS1.1 (certified), JMS 2.0 JNDI

JOTM Standalone distributed transaction manager that implements the XA protocol and is compliant with the JTA APIs. Mature BSD JTA JTS OTS, BTP
JOnAS JavaEE certified OSGi application server. PDF Mature LGPL JavaEE (certified)

Jmine Platform The Jmine Platform is a basis for other developers to quickstart the creation of transactional applications in Java. It provides features like auditing, authorization, authentication, data segregation, distributed processing, integration, tracking and test tools in an extensible way. Archive LGPL

Kalimucho Kalimucho is a platform that allows dynamic deployment and dynamic reconfiguration of applications on desktops, laptops and mobile devices with java and/or Android. Archive LGPL

NovaForge NovaForge is an integrated collaborative development platform, covering all the life-cycle of Enterprise software development, from requirement definition to support and maintenance. PDF Mature GPL JSR 168 MDA

Nursery Nursery is a software suite dedicated to API publishing and subscription life cycle management. It's basically an API Management system. Incubator Apache

Nuxeo Nuxeo provides a modular, extensible Java-based open source software platform for enterprise content management (ECM) and packaged applications for document management, digital asset management and case management. Archive LGPL CMIS OSGi

OpenCCM CORBA Component Model Platform. Archive LGPL CORBA CCM

OpenPaaS OpenPaaS is a reliable social platform in the cloud, built to encourage collaboration and teamwork inside an easy user experience. Incubator Affero GPL W3C / WebRTC, W3C / HTML5, W3C / WebSockets , W3C / CSS3, JavaScript (ECMAScript), activitystreams, CalDAV / CardDAV, OAuth

Oscar Oscar is an open source implementation of the Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) framework. Archive BSD OSGi

Petals ESB JBI compliant ESB providing a service oriented infrastructure for both centralized integration solutions and highly distributed architectures. PDF Mature LGPL JBI WSDL BPEL, SCA, EIP, XSLT, SOAP, EJB, JDBC
ProActive Open Source middleware featuring Programming, Scheduling and Resourcing tools for parallel, distributed and multi-core computing. PDF Mature Affero GPL ETSI GCM Interop. Deployment ETSI GCM Interop. App. Description ETSI GCM Fractal ADL
Scarbo Open, complete, SOA ready, SCA powered, OW2 and Eclipse-based BPM solution (modeler + engine + console). Incubator LGPL WSDL XPDL REST RMI SA-WSDL
Service4All Service4All is a cloud computing project focusing on PaaS (Platform as a Service) layer, which aims at providing a cloud platform mainly for service-oriented software developers, and developers with other programming models like Java Web applications. Incubator LGPL BPMN 1.1 WSDL

Siwpas Siwpas is a lightweight Java application server platform for developing enterprise quality Java EE 6 web applications. Siwpas integrates Apache Java EE 6 related projects for providing a Java EE Web Profile compatible runtime platform and adds enterprise related features, such as "Clustering & Failover, Security Modules". PDF Incubator LGPL JavaEE

Spagic Enterprise level platform supporting the governance of middleware services and the development of SOA applications through highly modular and configurable Universal Middleware. PDF Mature LGPL BPMN OSGi

Spago Reusable, semi-complete infrastructure that can be customized to produce vertical applications. PDF Archive LGPL SOAP EJB

SugarCRM SugarCRM is the world's leading open source CRM software suite, providing full sales, support, and marketing automation for any organization. Built on a LAMP stack, it has been downloaded more the 10 million times since 2005. Archive Affero GPL

Ubistar Platform which supports the development of the pervasive computing applications. Archive LGPL

WebLab Platform aiming at providing intelligence (business, strategic, military...) solutions and any other applications that need to process multimedia data (text, image, audio and video) PDF Mature LGPL RDF WSDL WSBPEL

Persistency / Database

Project Description Datasheet Status License Standards
EasyBeans Implementation of the EJB3 container specification. It is embedded in the Java EE 5 certified OW2 JOnAS application server. Mature LGPL EJB 3

Enhydra DODS Code Generator for Object-to-Relational Mapping. Archive LGPL Java SQL

Enhydra Octopus JDBC-based Extraction, Transformation and Loading Tool. Archive LGPL

JORM Java adaptable persistence service. Archive LGPL SQL EJB JDO
Jalisto Lightweight transactional database in Java. Archive LGPL SQL Java

ParGRES Database Cluster Middleware whose main goal is to efficiently process heavy-weight queries (e.g. OLAP). Archive LGPL SQL

Perseus Component-based persistence framework that solves issues such as cache management, concurrency management (even distributed), transaction management, storage management, logging management. Archive LGPL

RmiJdbc Enable Remote Access to any JDBC Compliant Database. Archive LGPL RMI JDBC

Speedo Speedo is an open source implementation of the JDO (TM) 1.0.1 specification. Archive LGPL

XAPool XA database connection pool: it implements javax.sql.XADataSource, and provides connection pooling facilities. Archive LGPL

xPlus Implementation of the persistence provider of Enterprise Java Beans 3.0, also known as the Java Persistence API (JPA). It can be used as a stand-alone POJO persistence layer, or it can be integrated into any EJB3.0 compliant container. Archive LGPL Java JPA


Business Intelligence

Project Description Datasheet Status License Standards
Bonita Bonita is a XPDL-based workflow system which provides out-of-the-box workflow functionalities for defining and running business processes. Mature GPL BPMN JBMP3 XPDL
DocDoku The DocDoku project aim is to offer a robust PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) solution. Mature Affero GPL ISO 10303 STEP AP 239

Enhydra Jawe Open Source Java Swing graphical native WfMC XPDL editor Archive LGPL

Enhydra Shark Open Source Java native WfMC and OMG compliant XPDL Workflow Archive LGPL WfMC-XPDL XSLT

Orchestra Web services orchestration suite based on the BPEL OASIS standard. Archive LGPL WS-BPEL BPMN

SpagoBI Business Intelligence suite for the development of integrated and flexible solutions at the enterprise level. PDF Mature MPL JBI JPA

Talend Open Studio Talend offers open, innovative and powerful solutions, used primarily for integration between operational systems, ETL, Datawarehousing and migration by organizations of all sizes. PDF Mature Apache Java Eclipse RCP JDBC, JMS, FTP

IDE Plug-ins

Project Description Datasheet Status License Standards
EclipseJDO Eclipse plug-in that makes easy and fast to develop transaction applications in Java using standard JDO drivers. Archive GPL Java JDO

Enhydra Kelp IDE Plug-in for Enhydra Java/XML Application Server & Dev Kit. Archive LGPL

JOPE JOPE (JOnAS Plugin for Eclipse) is an open source JOnAS plugin for Eclipse designed for the developers of JOnAS 4.x and JOnAS 5.x. Archive LGPL

Lomboz Eclipse plug-in for J2EE developers by extending eclipse JDT. Archive LGPL


Middleware Framework / Component / Tool

Project Description Datasheet Status License Standards
ASM Lightweight Java Bytecode Manipulation Framework PDF Mature BSD Java Class file format

Accord Open source Odette FTP 2.0 implementation, providing functionalities to ease the integration of business partners with security and governance in mind. Archive Affero GPL

ActiveXML Declarative framework based on XML documents with embedded calls to Web services that harnesses web services for data management and is put to work in a peer-to-peer architecture. Archive LGPL XML

AspireRFID Lightweight, standards-compliant, scalable, privacy-friendly, and integrated middleware to ease the development, the deployment and the management of RFID-based applications. Archive LGPL RFID

Azuki Framework Framework for rapid application assembly from known components in order to build large systems. Archive GPL

BPIDE-Lite BPIDE-lite is an online business process modeling and service composition tool following BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) specification. Archive LGPL BPMN

CARDAMOM Middleware framework that provides features to configure, deploy and execute near real-time, distributed and fault-tolerant applications. Archive LGPL CORBA CCM

CAROL CAROL (Common Architecture for RMI Objectweb Layer) is a Java RMI (Remote Methods Invocation) management tool. Mature LGPL RMI JRMP IIOP
CHOReOS IDRE CHOReOS will implement a framework for the development and execution of scalable service choreographies. CHOReOS is an international research initiative to advance the state of the art regarding the implementation of complex distributed systems on the Internet. Incubator LGPL BPMN 2.0 SoaML

C-JDBC Gives your applications a transparent (no code modification) access to a cluster of databases even if your database engines are not cluster-aware. Archive LGPL JDBC

CMI CMI is a framework that provides a generic system to define and configure clusters of RMI objects. Archive LGPL RMI

Chameleon Chameleon creates "a la carte" OSGi-based application servers built around the concept of services. Mature Apache

CloudSNAP CloudSNAP is a platform for transparent web application and services deployment. Archive LGPL JavaEE

CompatibleOne CompatibleOne is an open source cloud broker. CompatibleOne is a new-generation cloud resource management and automatic provisioning software environment powered by service brokering capabilities. With CompatibleOne, the seamless federation of heterogeneous resources across different Cloud Service Providers is now possible. With CompatibleOne, developers and users can combine different services available from different suppliers to address their most stringent requirements. Incubator Apache OCCI

Contrail Contrail is a complete Cloud platform which integrates a full Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service facilities. It allows Cloud providers to seamlessly integrate resources from other Clouds with their own infrastructure, and breaks the current customer lock-in situation by allowing live application migration from one cloud to another Incubator Website Only/Other/proprietary License OCCI OVF

Demoiselle Java Application Framework designed to accelerate the development of transactional database Web applications. Archive LGPL

DiSL DiSL is a new Java instrumentation language and framework specifically designed to meet the requirements of dynamic program analysis. Incubator Apache

Dream Component-based software framework dedicated to the construction of communication middleware. Archive LGPL Java Fractal

Dryverl XML dialect for specifying Erlang-to-C bindings as C port drivers, and a set of XSLT stylesheets that generate all of a binding's Erlang and C source code. Archive BSD Erlang

Dysoweb Provides modularity and dynamicity to serlvet based web applications. Based on OSGi it allows the dynamic deployment of services packaged as bundles. Incubator LGPL OSGi

ENuSMV An extension of NuSMV, helping users to verify omega regular temporal properties by customizing temporal connectives. Archive LGPL

ElasticGrid Infrastructure for the dynamic deployment, activation, management of Java applications on virtualized hardware, initially focusing on Amazon EC2. PDF Archive Affero GPL

Enhydra Director Web Server Plug-in for Enhydra Java/XML Application Server. Archive LGPL Java XML

Entropy Entropy is a virtual machine manager for clusters which performs a globally optimized placement of virtual machines according to cluster resource usage and scheduler objectives. Archive LGPL

erocci erlang framework for bulding OCCI-compliant REST APIs. PDF Incubator Apache OCCI

FraSCAti Component framework providing runtime support for the Service Component Architecture (SCA). Incubator LGPL SCA

Fractal Modular, extensible and programming language agnostic component model that can be used to design, implement, deploy and reconfigure systems and applications. Mature LGPL

GOTM GoTM (GoTM is an open Transaction Monitor) is a component-based framework for building various transaction services. Archive LGPL JTS OTS

ING Semantic Infrastructure is a environment which enables the development and integration of applicative decision support components based on the semantic technology. Archive LGPL RDF SPARQL

JAC Java Aspect Components (JAC) is a framework for aspect-oriented sofware development in Java. Archive LGPL Java

JASMINe Administration toolkit dedicated to Java EE, MOM or SOA distributed applications. It relies on advanced management features and on autonomous behaviour capabilities. Incubator LGPL

JavaService Allows server-type Java programs to be run in the background as a Windows NT/2000 system service, with simple configuration and reliable results. Archive LGPL Java Windows

JiBX 2 JiBX 2 is a new generation of the JiBX XML data binding tool for Java. JiBX is widely used for high-performance XML applications in Java, including web services using either Apache Axis2 or JiBX/WS stacks (and, in the future, Apache CXF). Archive BSD XML Web Services

Jonathan Distributed Object Platform (DOP) written entirely in Java. Archive LGPL CORBA RMI

Lutece LUTECE is a java based CMS/Portal providing a very modular approach by its plugin architecture. It may also be used as a framework to build web application. Incubator BSD

MIND Implementation of the Fractal component model for the development of embedded softwares It provides an architecture compilation tool-chain, a component library and an integrated development environment based on Eclipse. Incubator LGPL

Massiv The Massiv is a distributed game middleware whose purpose is to simplify the development of distributed persistent massively multiplayer online games. Archive LGPL

MobIoT MobIoT is a service-oriented middleware aimed at the mobile Internet of Things (IoT), which in particular deals with the ultra-large scale, heterogeneity and dynamics of the target networking environment. MobIoT offers novel probabilistic service discovery and composition approaches along with the required infrastructure for accessing mobile Things. The middleware exposes two levels of service abstractions: Thing as a service (on the service provider side); and Things measurements/actions as a service (on the service consumer side).

Key features of MobIoT lie in: I. the exploitation of ontologies to overcome the heterogeneity of the Things network, II. the introduction of probabilistic approaches for both registering and retrieving networked Things so as to be scalable and support millions, even billions, of them, and finally, ( III ) the exploitation of Thing services composition to better satisfy user queries for real-world information, while wrapping the complex interactions with the dynamic environment internally.

MobIoT is implemented using Java and the Android platform, and consists of two complementary components: The MobIoT Mobile middleware and the MobIoT Web Service. The MobIoT Mobile middleware is deployed on mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, sensor devices). It includes ( I ) the Query component that enables the querying of the physical world, II. the Registration component that deals with the probabilistic registration of local sensors and actuators, III. the domain ontology that allows reasoning about the features of Things, and ( IV ) the Sensor Access component that enables the sensor data retrieval and exposure. The MobIoT Web Service consists of ( I ) the Registry component that keeps track of the registered services, ( II ) the probabilistic Lookup component that enables scalable service retrieval, ( III ) the Composition & Estimation component to answer queries over the physical world by taking into account both the available Thing services and the relevant to the domain and devices ontologies.

MobIoT is developed in the context of the FISSi initiative and is based on the results of the CHOReOS project. The project will take advantage of the OW2's forge for hosting and exposing the project's code and documentation and the bug tracker for supporting the development's needs.

Incubator LGPL

Nanoko Nanoko is a technical stack to develop client-based applications (JavaScript, CSS...). It does not only focus on a runtime / development model but also provides tools to handle the build process of those applications (such as dependency management, quality and packaging). Incubator Apache JavaScript

ODIS Open Distributed Infrastructure for Services. It provides a quick and easy way for developers to have a data flow based on events. Archive LGPL

OSA CCV The OSA CCV Project provides software, tools, collateral and guidelines for interoperability of OSA and OW2 projects and vendors. Archive Website Only/Other/proprietary License

OW2 Specifications The Specifications project is an implementation of the API for Java specifications (EJB, JMS, JAXWS, ...). Incubator Apache JavaEE specifications

OW2 Utility The OW2 Utility project is an aggregation of modules providing code utilities (like XML parsing helpers, archive model abstraction, ...) that intents to be shared by anybody. Incubator Apache

Ocelot Open Collaborative Environment for the Leverage of Online insTrumentation. It is a Framework to easily create and deploy collaborative-based applications in order to operate one or several real remote devices over the Internet. Archive LGPL MPEG-4 BIFS

OncePI Integration-Oriented business process management system providing a platform to construct dynamic process flexibly and efficiently. Archive LGPL


PaaSage is a four year project funded in Call 8 of FP7 and will be running until October 2016. The project has 20 partners and receives more than 7 M€ in funding. A first demonstration of the PaaSage platform was made in November 2014, and as the platform is designed to be open source from the start, the remaining development should now happen within an open community using the tools and methodology of that community.

PaaSage is a meta-project understood as an integration of many existing open source projects and tools, and where the different components of the PaaSage architecture have their own release cycles and supporting communities.

Incubator MozillaPublicLicense20

PanGu Pervasive Computing Platform. It uses the extended Service and Component to allow programmers to represent easily devices and their functions. Archive LGPL

Petals Master High performance SOA Governance solution. It allows you to organize, enforce and reconfigure your Service Oriented infrastructure. Archive LGPL UDDI WSDL WS-Agreement
Play Event Marketplace The Play Event Marketplace project will develop and validate an elastic and reliable architecture for dynamic and complex, event-driven interaction in large highly distributed and heterogeneous service systems. Incubator LGPL SOA, EDA, Cloud, CEP, Event Processing, RDF, WS*, REST

PolyORB Schizophrenic middleware that has an original architecture decoupling protocol personalities from application personalities. Archive Website Only/Other/proprietary License CORBA Ada 95

SAT4J Simple and efficient open source library of SAT solvers in Java. Mature LGPL

SOFA Component system for designing applications composed of hierarchical, dynamically updatable components. Archive LGPL

SURF SURF (Fault Tolerance by Replication with Universal Services) is a Java library replication service for arbitrary deterministic objects. Archive LGPL

Shelbie OW2 Shelbie provides both an advanced programming model for building commands on top of Apache Felix Gogo and Apache Felix iPOJO and also a JLine based frontend (supporting ANSI coloration, completion, history, …). Incubator Apache

Silverpeas Web application (Java EE, AGPL V3) for putting to work an Intranet/Extranet or Web 2.0 application, sharing documents, KM, increasing collaboration quality inside teams and with partners (projects, process, design, communities, etc.) Incubator Affero GPL

Sirocco Sirocco is a multi-cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service software platform featuring management of multiple cloud providers, unified self-service Web portal, programmatic access through a REST API and multi-hypervisor support. Incubator LGPL

SlapOS SlapOS is virtual networked operating system using GNU components. Archive GPL

TESS TESS is a framework designed to easily build complex event stream processing. CRS (Chronicle Recognition System) deploys a TESS processing architecture which implements a correlation rule engine from a set of chronicles. Archive LGPL Java

Think C-implementation of the Fractal component model, licenced under GPL and LGPL. Incubator LGPL

Tribe Java-based communication library. Archive LGPL TCP

WildCAT Generic framework for context-aware applications. Archive GPL

WinQEMU WinQEMU is a Windows native version of QEMU. It ports the source code of QEMU to Visual C++ 2008 and decouples the compilation of QEMU with the POSIX build environment. Archive LGPL

XQuare Set of Java components for extending J2EE platforms with XML-based, heterogeneous information integration capabilities, using the XQuery language. Archive LGPL JavaEE XML XQuery
hammr Hammr is an open source tool for creating machine images for different environments from a single configuration file, or migrating live systems from one environment to another. Incubator Apache

iConnect The pervasive computing vision is hampered by the extreme level of heterogeneity in the underlying infrastructure, which impacts on the ability to seamlessly interoperate. Furthermore, the fast pace at which technology evolves at all abstraction layers increasingly challenges the lifetime of networked systems in the digital environment.

Given the fact that we are moving towards a world where everything is connected, the iConnect project targets to provide a universal solution towards interoperability between highly heterogeneous systems by reconciling behavioral discrepancies, from the application down to the middleware layer. To achieve this, iConnect introduces at the application layer, tools for abstracting and semantically annotating the functionality of systems so as to enable the discovery and coordination with other relevant ones. Then, at the middleware layer, complementary tools are responsible for translating messages that are transmitted between systems that implement heterogeneous interaction paradigms or communication protocols.

Key features of iConnect include:

Introduction of enablers for universal discovery of resources, composing legacy discovery protocols 2. Synthesis and deployment of mediators specified as enhanced labeled transition systems towards allowing networked systems that have compatible functionalities to interact despite mismatching interfaces and/or behaviors 3. Cross-paradigm and cross-protocol interoperability with the use of the XSB (eXtensible Service Bus) and the LSB (Light Service Bus) middleware components

iConnect is developed in the context of the FISSi initiative and is based on the outcomes of the CONNECT and CHOReOS FP7 projects. The project will take advantage of the OW2's forge for hosting and exposing the project's code and documentation along with the bug tracker and mailing lists for supporting the development's needs.

Incubator LGPL

snmp4cloud snmp4cloud aims at improving and adapting SNMP tools and MIB modules for cloud usage. Archive GPL


Software engineering

Project Description Datasheet Status License Standards

Tool-supported methodology for software modernization and migration towards the cloud


Acceleo MDA-oriented code generator natively based on Eclipse EMF. Mature EPL MOFM2T

Alitheia Core Integrated platform for large-scale software engineering studies. Archive BSD

EPAF Eclipse plug-in based on EPF, which can define process aspects and weave them into SPEM 2.0 (Software Process Engineering Meta-model 2.0) process models. Archive LGPL

EasyWSDL EasyWSDL Toolbox is a powerful WSDL parsing library. Archive BSD WSDL XML

HOWL HOWL (High-speed OW2 logger) is intended to be used for logging of temporary data such as XA transaction events. Archive LGPL Log4J

Introspector Semantic interface into the GNU GCC compiler and other free tools. Archive GPL

J2WS J2WS is a transforming tool to help develop web services efficiently. Archive LGPL XML

JWTGen Web application functional test generator. It uses real navigation to produce JUnit-based test code, reducing time and cost of functional test writing phase. Archive LGPL

ModFact stands for Model Factory and is a Tool Box for the Model Driven Architecture. Archive LGPL

Monolog Portable Java Monitoring and Logging API. Archive LGPL Log4J

OSCL v3 Tool for inspection and analysis of license information from open source packages. Archive GPL

OnceSS Service selection for business process. It can optimize the QoS of bussiness process. Archive LGPL

Q-Impress IDE for predicting impact of design decisions on performance and other aspects of quality of service in component-based and service-oriented applications. Archive EPL

Salome-TMF Open test management framework allowing automatic tests execution, production of documents, and management of defects/requirements. Archive GPL Java XML

Spago4Q Platform for the assessment of the maturity and effectiveness of software development processes as well as for the quality inspection of the released software. PDF Mature MPL JSR 168 See SpagoBI standards

Trustie Software Resource Repository Aims to provide a trustworthy software resource management mechanism and a software resources sharing environment. Incubator LGPL

Telosys Lightweight Web Framework and code generator. Mature LGPL AJAX JavaEE



Project Description Datasheet Status License Standards
Barracuda MVC Presentation Framework designed to make it easier to build servlet based webapps by applying proven client-server patterns to the web development paradigm. Archive LGPL

Kerneos Kerneos is a framework for building modular and dynamic RIA, flex based, applications. It is based on Adobe Flex technology and OSGi for the server part. Incubator LGPL

OFC Charts Fills the need for publishing reports and statistics in graphical format such as curves and histograms. It is compatible with all popular IDEs and creates graphics in industry standard JPEG, PNG and SVG formats. Archive LGPL JPEG PNG SVG
Open SUIT Presentation framework for J2EE, focusing on quality and productivity over technology and fanciness, and dedicated to SOA. Archive LGPL

Orbeon Forms A Java EE-based MVC framework for building Web applications that present and capture XML using XForms, XSLT and WebServices. PDF Archive LGPL XForms

XMLC XMLC radically simplifies web development by cleanly separating presentation from code. Archive LGPL

XWiki Both a generic platform for developing collaborative applications using the wiki paradigm and a fully-featured enterprise wiki. Mature LGPL

eXo Platform Open source corporate portal and content management system. Mature GPL JSR 168 (Portlet Specification) JSR 170 (Java Content Repository) JSR 286, OpenSocial, JSR 301, CMIS,…


Project Description Datasheet Status License Standards
BEEN Generic tool for automated benchmarking in a heterogeneous distributed environment. PDF Archive LGPL Java RMI JNI, JSP
Bench4Q QoS oriented B2C benchmark for Internet Middleware. It makes many extensions of TPC-W, especially for load simulation and metrics analysis of a benchmark. Incubator LGPL TPC-W

CLIF Multi-protocols, extendible load testing platform, including monitoring facilities, with optional integration to Eclipse. PDF Mature LGPL

LeWYS Fractal monitoring framework providing a library of probes for both hardware and software resources. Archive LGPL

Paje The Pajé visualization tool provides interactive and scalable behavioral visualizations of the dynamics of the executions of parallel and distributed applications. Archive LGPL

RUBBoS Bulletin board benchmark modeled after an online news forum like Slashdot. Archive LGPL

RUBiS Auction Site for e-Commerce Technologies Benchmarking. Mature LGPL PHP Servets EJB


Project Description Datasheet Status License Standards
AuthzForce AuthzForce is an authorization server for Web Services that supports XACML, X.509 and LDAP. Incubator Apache XACML X 509

InterLDAP InterLDAP is a collection of libraries and components aimed to build a rich LDAP content management application. Archive Affero GPL LDAP

LemonLDAP::NG LemonLDAP::NG is a single sign on handler for Apache web server. It provides strong access control trough access rules based on regular expressions. Mature GPL LDAP SAML



Project Description Datasheet Status License Standards
MobiliTools OMG compliant Java toolbox for mobility of Java objects. Archive LGPL

Open Mobile IS Java framework that aim to provide all the functionalities and components needed for the development of entreprise mobile application. PDF Archive LGPL Sync4J OSGI