Initiatives are joint efforts by OW2 Members aimed at facilitating the use of OW2 technologies by mainstream Systems Integrators, End-Users and Software Vendors. Within an Initiative, OW2 Members work together to develop both technical integration between projects and business synergies in order to address specific market needs.

The technical outcome of an Initiative is not a product but a high-level environment integrating several projects and providing a complex set of functionalities upon which Systems Integrators, End-Users and Software Vendors can build their own business solutions. The business outcome of an Initiative is a set of core relationships between technology providers, integrators and users. Together, they provide the expertise to implement solutions built upon OW2 technologies.

As the name indicates, Initiatives are bottom-up community efforts that are lead by a Strategic Member. For more information, please read the Initiative Handbook and, if you want to propose an Initiative, use the Initiative Charter Template.

There are currently two Initiatives in Operational status: the Business Intelligence (BI) Initiative and the Open Source Cloudware Initiative.

Open Source Cloudware Initiative

The OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative (OSC Initiative) is a unique community effort aimed at providing and promoting an integrated portfolio of open source software components for cloud computing. The OSC Initiative is geared to be a broadscale community project combining best of breed open source technologies for the Cloud. It will foster cloudware for interoperability at the IaaS level and for open and customizable PaaS and SaaS architecture solutions. The Initiative will develop interfaces and partnerships with major research projects, such as SelfXL, CompatibleOne, and 4Caast, and leading existing open source cloud technologies outside OW2. The initiative will also closely follow emerging cloud computing standards. 

Status: Operational.
Initiative Working Group: Bull, France Telecom, INRIA.
Contact: Alexandre Lefebvre (France Telecom) ; Jean-Pierre Laisné (Bull) ; Patrick Moreau (INRIA). 

Go to the Open Source Cloudware initiative landing page. 

BI Initiative

The goal of the OW2 BI Initiative is to foster the growth of a business ecosystem in the Business Intelligence domain, bringing business opportunities to new-class stakeholders. It aims at creating a new BI experience driven by end-user needs, supported by a new generation of BI infrastructure built by new technologies, open source components and open standards, providing qualification, services and expertise. The BI initiative also aims at structuring open development activities around an open supply chain, contributing to the growth of alternative business and technology break-through drivers.
Status: Operational.
Initiative Working Group: Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Italy (Initiative Lead); Talend, France; Altic, France; Artemis Information Management, Luxembourg; ClaraVista, France; DEIS-University of Bologna-Italy; DTI-University of Milan, Italy; DISI-University of Trento, Italy, OW2 individual members.
Contact: Gabriele Ruffatti (gabriele.ruffatti AT, Engineering.

Go to the Business Intelligence Initiative landing page.

Future Internet Initiative

The Future Internet intiative is currently being defined. It is based on the FP7 CHOReOS project. This initiative will be submitted to the OW2 board in Q2 2012 and will be launched in Q1 2013. Stay tuned.

Status: Incubation.
Initiative Working Group: Inria (Initiative Lead), EBM Websourcing, University of San Paulo.
Contact: Cedriuc Thomas (cedric.thomas AT

Go to the Future Internet initiative landing page.