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The second season of webinars will start in november 2009, the program will be available soon.

What is OW2 Webinar Center?

OW2 Webinar Center is a place to...
  • Learn about OW2 technologies,
  • Learn about OSS trend, challenges and opportunities,
  • Share knowledge and discuss OSS topics,
  • Improve Quality when using OSS,
  • Promote OSS technologies and OW2 values.


  • Don't hesitate to register to participate to our webinars, and,
  • If you wish to present a webinar, drop a mail to the Europe Local Chapter team.


Webinar Archive

You will find below all the webinar materials that were presented in the past. For each presentation, you may find a slide set, a video, a white paper...
  • 2009-02-20 OW2 DimDim Webinar Tool
  • 2008-08-20 OW2 Community Tooling
  • 2009-04-07 Fractal Component Model Overview
  • 2009-04-21 Fractal Component Model in Java
  • 2009-05- Fractal Component Model in C
  • 2009-04-30 Europe Local Chapter Mission Presentation
  • 2009-05-15 Open Source Business Models and Innovation
  • 2009-05-19 OSS SpagoBI
  • 2009-06-11 OSS Business Intelligence
  • 2009-06-16 SOFA2 Component System
  • 2009-06-25 Qualipso FP6 project


Want to register to a particular session? ELC Webinar registration">


  • You will receive a confirmation email with instructions to connect to our web meeting service one hour before the session starts.
  • If the form doesnot work, don't hesitate to refresh the page or send a mail to 'webinar AT'
  • Be aware that the presentations do not reflect what OW2 consortium vision may be.

Webinar Program

New program for season 2 (November 2009 - July 2010) to come soon.

Here are the list of proposed webinars.

  • 07th of April Topic: Fractal Overview
  • 16th of April Topic: Webinar on Webinar
  • 21st of April Topic: Fractal in Java
  • 30th of April Topic: Europe Local Chapter Presentation
  • 05th of May Topic: Fractal in C
  • 14th of May Topic: OSS business models & innovation
  • 19th of May Topic: SpagoBI 2.0
  • 28th of May Topic: AspireRFID Project
  • 2nd of June Topic: Interoperability - Fokus (postponed)
  • 11th of June Topic: Open Source Business Intelligence
  • 16th of June Topic: SOFA 2
  • 25th of June Topic: QualiPSo FP6 project
  • 30th of June Topic: Galaxy, an open SOA R&D platform (postponed)
  • 09th of July Topic: Summer School 1/2- OSS Community General Remarks
  • 23th of July Topic: AspireRFID Sub Modules
  • 28th of July Topic: BEEN Framework for Integrating Performance Evaluation in Development Cycle
  • Detailled program with short abstract HERE
  • Sessions last 1 hour 30 minutes maximum.

    Attendance to webinar requires only a browser (with access to internet). More explanation on how to use the Webinar tool here.

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