Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness

Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness

Our main task for the 2010-2011 season is to improve the perceived quality of the code which is downloaded from OW2. Having good quality code and a good reputation for code is essential for the success and the growth of OW2. It is also essential for the growth of the downloads and the dissemination of the OW2 code.

The efforts will primarily target the mature projects. Our perpective is that the "SQuAT" (Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness) has 2 sides:

  1. concentrate on the quality of the code itself 
  2. concentrate on the IP of the code

To do that, we will endeavour to integrate tools to help projects produce reports on the quality of the code, and on the quality of the IP. We will incorporate in our governance process the fact that, for a project to be moved from incubation to mature, we will require the project to produce the report on the quality of the code and on the IP compliance.

Code Quality

Code quality will be assessed using the following tools: 

  • QualiPSo OMM, a maturity model and assessment methodology from the QualiPSo project (see the results here)
  • Sonar, a Java-oriented code checking tool - work in progress (see the results here)

We are also evaluating the methods, processes and tools provided by Trustie: OW2 will become a user of the Trustie processes to enhance the quality of our software. A first installation of the Trustie Software Resource Repository on the OW2 infrastructure was done in November 2012 with the help of Peking University.

IP of the code

IP verification tools to be used (use of these tools by OW2 has been already agreed by tools providers) include:

We require mature projects to publish all SQuAT reports, and leave the final user the final decision (OW2 is not a certification office). 


This programme benefits from help from Qualipso, FOSSology at HP (and originally OSUOSL), Antelink and Peking University, without which it would not have been possible.