2009 Election and General Assembly

2009 Election and General Assembly

Candidates Lists

Please, check the following pages for alphabetical list of registered candidates:

2009 Election Time Line


Election process

Because there was no qurom at last Board of Directors, the Board could not make a negotiated decision with regard to the election and therefore required that we strictly apply the bylaws: only Members in good standing can participate in the election, i.e. vote or be candidate for a seat on the Board or for the Chairperson seat. This means that Individual Members must return their fully executed (signed) membership agreements and Strategic and Corporate Members must settle their call for dues for 2009.

As a consequence we have rescheduled the election process so as to allow members who want to vote or be candidate to clarify their memberships.

With this relaunch of the process we trust we are offering everyone a fair opportunity to take part in this election while strictly complying with our bylaws.


Based on the current number of Strategic Members, Corporate Members will vote to elect 14 representatioves and Individual Members will vote to elect one representative. Strategic Members do not vote.
The new schedule is as follows:

  • April 6-20: membership validation period
  • April 21-30: candidates campaign
  • May 1-10: online vote
  • May 12: results
  • May 15: Board meeting and Chairperson election.
(All periods end 12pm CET.)

Only Corporate Members having fully paid their Membership fees, or duely informed the Management Office, can be candidates and are eligible to participate in OW2 Elections and Board Meetings votes.

For Candidate registration, as usual now, you must use the following template (candidatures will be published on the OW2 Web site):
Subject: Candidature from (personal name) (organization name) to the OW2 board
* Membership Category
(Corporate Members or Individual Members)
* Motivations (<200 words)
* Applicant Name
* Applicant Bio (<200 words)


Election of the Chairperson will be held during the next Board meeting on May 15. Candidates for the role of Chairperson must declare themselves during the April 21-May 15 period by sending a mail to management-office AT ow2.org with the following object: "OW2 Chairperson Candidate: Firstname Lastname".

We are writing a script allowing vote access to fully paid Corporate Members only. Please check your status here.


The 2009 General Assembly of the OW2 Consortium took place on April 1, 8:30 – 10:00 just before the opening session of the OW2 Annual Conference in the OW2 Conference Center set up within the Solution Linux trade show, in Paris, Porte de Versailles.

The draft Agenda of the General Assembly was as follows:

  • Report of the Management Office -Financial, General- (20' incl. Q&A)
  • Report of the Board of Directors (20' incl. Q&A)
  • Report of the Technology Councils (20' incl. Q&A)
  • Q&A with the Candidates to the Board of Directors (30')
The General Assembly is a public event open to all.

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