OW2 Technology Infrastructure Migration

The OW2 technology infrastructure has been through a full migration in February 2008.

Tasks completed:

  • Target Linux OS: distribution adaptation (ow2-01 and ow2-02 machines)
  • Mysql: Installation and migration
  • Openldap: Installation
  • Bind: Installation and migration
  • Postfix: Installation and migration
  • Postgresql: Installation
  • Apache: Installation and migration
  • Java: Installation
  • Tomcat: Installation
  • XWiki: Installation and migration
  • Forge Migration (web,cvs,svn,etc.)
  • Sympa Migration
Difficulties encountered:
  • Postgresql Migration: problems during import/export
  • Openldap Migration: access problems to some directory
  • Sympa Installation and Migration: could not use available version, had to migrate to most recent version
  • Forge Migration Forge: extremely large amount of data makes migration tricky
We migrated the Forge over a week-end to minimize disruption but the huge volume of data made it impossible to complete this in only two days. We had to carefully move directories one by one while hoping there will be no side effect due to directories reorganization...

Our appreciation goes to the migration team Armel Lannois, Jeremy Casery, Etienne Penicaud and Emmanuel Decaen who worked around the clock for weeks to prepare and execute this complex migration process.

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