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Job opportunities

Administrative Assistant

Working with, and reporting directly to the CEO, the Administrative Assistant provides administrative, accounting, financial and legal support to the association, he/she helps ensures the association is in order in these areas. The Administrative Assistant ensures that all accounting, administrative and institutional policies and procedures are effectively implemented and updated in accordance with applicable laws, rules and guidelines. The Administrative Assistant regularly consolidates the corresponding information and provides analysis and decision elements allowing a reliable and tight monitoring of the association. See the detailed job description (in French and English languages). 

Please send an email to contact AT if you are interested or would like more information. 

Members of the Management Office

The Management Office is a small team of professionals appointed to run the day-to-day operations of the Consortium.

 Management Office:\ Mail: mo AT\ Fax: +33-177 725 763\

PhotoCT3resized2.JPG\ Cedric THOMAS\ CEO\ cedric.thomas AT\ LEFEBVREAlexandre100.jpg\ Alexandre LEFEBVRE\ CTO\ alexandre.lefebvre AT\ Jeremy-100.JPG\ Jeremy CASERY\ IT Administrator\ jeremy.casery AT\
CathNuel-small.JPG\ Catherine NUEL\ Marketing Coordinator\ catherine.nuel AT\ Cherry-small.JPG\ Cherry BIAN\ China Coordinator\ cherry.bian AT\ OL.jpg\ Olivier LIZOUNAT\ Webmaster\ olivier.lizounat AT\

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