Management Office

Management Office

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Members of the Management Office

The Management Office is a small team of professionals appointed to run the day-to-day operations of the Consortium.

Management Office:
mo AT
Tel. +32-24 26 85 23
Fax. +33-177 725 763

cedric.thomas AT

Catherine NUEL
Marketing Coordinator
catherine.nuel AT

Alexandre LEFEBVRE
alexandre.lefebvre AT

IT Administrator
jeremy.casery AT

Alessandro TAURELLI
alessandro.taurelli AT

Cherry BIAN
China Coordinator
cherry.bian AT

Stephane RIBAS
Europe Coordinator
stephane.ribas AT

Managing the Platform Transition

OW2 Technology Infrastructure Migration

OW2 Technology infrastrucure was migrated in February 2008. More details on the technology migration page, here.

The OPAL Team

What it is

The OPAL Team is an ad-hoc organization dedicated to managing the OW2 technology platform in this transition period.

The active members of the OPAL Team are members of the community and of the OW2 Management Office. Thay are: J�r�my Casery (OW2-Bull), Armel Lannois (Bull) Samuel Quairau (INRIA), Giampaolo Fiorentino (OW2-Engineering), Emmanuel Decaen (XSalto), Stefano De Panfilis (Engineering) and Cedric Thomas (OW2). Xavier Moghrabi, former ObjectWeb sysadmin, although busy with his new job, is also helping when necessary.

The issues at hand

The team was established mid-june 2007 as a result of a crisis meeting held in Grenoble to deal with the recurring problems we had on the technology platform. In a nutshell, these problems come from a) aging machines inherited from ObjectWeb and b) some inefficiencies as we were setting up the new organization. The new environnement built at XSalto is gradually taking us out of the current turbulences.

Armel Lannois presentation at the workshop provides a fair description of both the legacy ObjectWeb environement and the target one at XSalto as well as an overview of the issues at hand.


The Opal Team is on stand-by to tackle any urgent problem happening on the OW2 technical platform.

You can report any problem by following this link : Report a bug

You can also write to hotline AT the mailing list created to receive and process alerts regarding the OW2 technical platform.

Help needed

All systems can be remotely administered. If you can help, and help is always needed, if only to speed up the transition process, please contact the OPAL Team at opal AT For those who are interested, or who are concerned, please refer to the Opal Project we have created on the forge. This will give you hand on insignt on what is going on.

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