Technology Council


The Technology Council organizes meetings on a bimestrial basis (at least we try to).

The next TC meeting will take place on Thursday 16th April 2015, 11:00am CET.

please login at 10:45am to solve potential technical issues so we can effectively start the meeting on time
for this meeting, We will try using WebEx for the first time in parallel with the IRC chat.

Proposed Agenda

  1. Programming contest: reminder of the call for topics: (Marcel Donges)
  2. New Project: acceptance and voting process for PaaSage by CETIC (Cedric Thomas, Marcel Donges)
  3. Technology Infrastructure Update  (Martin Hamant)
  4. Weekly Webinars to promote mature projects (Marcel Donges)
  5. What do you think about the project categorisation in the forge Did you see the AppHub directory and its taxonomy already? (Marcel Donges)
  6. Technology Council Platform: IRC or OW2 Webex Voice&Video. Let’s talk about your restrictions and chances. (all)
    11. Discuss options like Glowbl, (Linagora)
  7. Scheduling the next TC Meeting (Marcel Donges)
  8. Misc

Meeting Details

WebEx meeting at Phone: france 0170918646

IRC network : Freenode
Channel : #ow2-tc

Web Client :

TC meetings usually take place on IRC (See instructions) to discuss and exchange news.
On April, 16 2015 we are adding WebEx as a discussion platform.

Occasionally (1 to 2 times a year), a face to face meeting is organized.

Our Duties

The Technology Council is responsible

  • for building the overall technical architecture, including defining technical guidelines
  • for providing technology validation
  • for making Project life-cycle decisions (see the project page and the lifecycle criteria)
  • for monitoring production and overall Projects consistency.

The Technology Council also defines OW2's architecture vision, it validates the founding charters of Projects and Initiatives and it approves reuse of non-OW2 code into Projects and Initiatives.

The Technology Council provides guidelines to the Management Office (the infrastructure runners) regarding  the evolution of the OW2 technical platform.

TC Participants

Every OW2 Project's leaders are de facto members of the Technology Council.

Only TC members can volunteer for mentoring incubated projects.

Technology Council is run by its elected Chairman and the OW2 CTO (Chief Technical Officer).

If you're the project leader of an OW2 project and you want to be involved in this activity, providing vision and taking decisions, please contact us.


The Technology Council has a blog where 'live' activities are advertised (Subscribe to the RSS Feed).

Technology Council meetings: Minutes

Minutes of the Technology Council meetings are archived on a per year basis.

Reference Documents and Processes (in progress)

Contact the Technology Council

To contact the Technology Council, you can send e-mail to technology-council at ow2 dot org.

Get Involved

Share technical know how with other users, and help to promote OW2

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