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"PLAY will revolutionize the way People, Things and Services will cooperate and coexist in the Future Internet, by introducing ubiquity in the communication and proactivity in handling large scale distributed environments"
Note Play is a FP7 research project.


The Play Event Marketplace project will develop and validate an elastic and reliable architecture for dynamic and complex, event-driven interaction in large highly distributed and heterogeneous service systems. Such an architecture will enable ubiquitous exchange of information between heterogeneous services, providing the possibilities to adapt and personalize their execution, resulting in the so-called situational-driven process adaptivity.

Developers, Event Processing and Semantic Community


The project is composed of several partners: Linagora, INRIA, FZI, ICCS. This amounts to about 15 developers currently in the project. Support will be provided by each module developer.


Not applicable for now but there are deliverables about this topic which are under writing.

No users yet. The project is under development but the event processing and semantic community may be interested in using it.


Code and Javadoc are EN-based.


Versions are published every 6 month. Major version is planned before the end of the research project ie before end of 2013.

Not applicable (no OW2 subproject hosting)


The project uses several OW2 projects and so it seems the right place to host it.
The Play Event Marketplace platform developers may contribute to other OW2 projects to add new features required by the platform.


Play Event Marketplace platform uses several OW2 components: Petals ESB and ProActive.
Other Cloud-based components coming for collaborative projects will be potentially used in next versions (CompatibleOne, OpenCloudware, ...)


Same as components + Cloud-based projects i.e. CompatibleOne and OpenCloudware. The project can also be part of the new OW2 FISSi initiative 'Future Internet Software and Services initiative'



SOA, EDA, Cloud, CEP, Event Processing, RDF, WS*, REST


- OW2 is a middleware community and the platform is mainly a middleware one.
- It is possible to create new OW2 projects based on Play Event Marketplace platform and tools. We especially think that we can create a CEP project.


This is the middleware place to be emoticon_smile Seriously, where else can we host such a project?


- Some code is already hosted on github: and on Linagora SVN: (login/password: anonymous/anonymous)

- Project web site:

- Online Demo:


Lesser General Public License 3.0



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