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OW2 activities for software development are organized into Projects. This page describes the process for submitting a new software project to the OW2 code base.

The fully executed Individual membership of the project leader is the minimum membership requirement for a project to be accepted in incubation. The proposal is then debated on the Technology Council mailing list which evaluates its relevance for OW2 in terms of complementarities, synergies, licence, support, etc. The Technology Council must reach a consensus to adopt the project. The Technology Council discusses the project submission within a typical delay of 2 weeks, which is followed by a vote. The project, if accepted, is then provisioned in the OW2 Forge and the work can start.

How to submit a project to OW2

To submit a project to OW2, you will need to be logged into this website (login link at the top right of the banner).
If you need a login, you should register to OW2. We advise you to prepare answers to the list of questions which you will have to answer when filling the project submission form.

Once you estimate that you have finished writing the proposal, please contact the OW2 Management Office to ask for the project proposal to be evaluated.

Creating a new submission

Once you are logged into the OW2 website, enter a proposed project name in the box, and click on the "CREATE THE SUBMISSION" button for the next steps.

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