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2015/12/01 : OW2 Open Source Software Community Announces OW2con'15 Best Project Awards
2015/10/26 : RISCOSS project demonstrates its decision support platform at OSCON Europe
2015/09/01 : OW2 introduces OW2con'15 "The Drive for Open Source Governance"
2015/06/05 : PaaSage and OW2 announce platform availability on the AppHub marketplace
2015/03/10 : OW2 announces OCCIware, new Formal and Tooled Framework for Managing Everything as a Service
2015/03/04 : OW2 unveils the program of the Open Cloud Forum by OW2 and Open Cloud Park at Cloud Expo Europe
2015/02/18 : OW2 Announces AppHub the European Open Source Market Place
2014/12/04 : The Ville de Paris joins OW2
2014/11/05 : OW2con'14: Leverage the Global Open Source Ecosystem
2014/11/03 : OW2 launches XLcloud, an OpenStack-based cloud for HPC applications
2014/11/03 : OW2 showcases OpenCloudware at OpenStack Summit in Paris
2014/10/30 : Open Source Week in Paris
2014/10/17 : OW2 Community at Open World Forum 2014
2014/07/20 : OW2 showcases OpenCloudware Open Platform at OSCON
2014/07/20 : OW2 presents its Big Data initiative at OSCON
2014/05/14 : The XLcloud platform strengthens remote rendering in OpenStack
2014/05/14 : OW2 announces OW2 Webinars, New Interactive Training Channel
2014/05/14 : RISCOSS open source decision-support platform at Solutions Linux
2014/05/06 : Engineering Group & OW2 announce the Big Data initiative
2013/11/22 : OW2 announces OW2con'13 Best Project Awards
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In the news:

2015/12/04 : L'open source au cœur du business, Solutions IT
2015/11/27 : La gouvernance open source au sein de l'industrie, BFM Business
2015/11/27 : L'open source accompagne l'innovation collaborative, BFM Business
2015/11/27 : La valeur du big data passe par une bonne connaissance des technologies Open Source, BFM Business
2015/11/18 : La France et l'Europe doivent contribuer à l'open source, Les Echos
2015/11/16 : IT News and Panel on open source governance, BFM Business TV
2015/08/20 : OCCIware : Un projet pour unifier l’administration des clouds, Le MagIT
2015/04/01 : L'équipement d'infrastructure tout-en-un gagne du terrain, Solutions IT
2015/03/27 : OCCIware : Un standard ouvert pour le cloud, Le Mag Numérique
2014/12/01 : Open World Forum Reveals Collaborative Innovation, Programmez
2014/11/21 : Open Source Week Confirms Open Cloud Significant Growth in Europe, Solutions IT
2014/11/12 : OW2 se penche sur la sécurité, Le Mag IT
2014/11/12 : Florent Zara remercie la communauté OW2, Solutions IT
2014/11/12 : OW2 launches Security and Privacy Initiative, InformatiqueNews
2014/04/09 : Open Cloud Forum is a Key Highlight to Cloud World Expo 2014, Global Security Magazine
2014/03/20 : CCCC'14 interview of Cédric Thomas, CEO of OW2, CSDN.net
2014/02/18 : OW2 unveils the program of its first Open Cloud Forum, IT Business.net
2013/11/25 : OW2 récompense 4 projets Open Source, ITR News (French)
2013/05/27 : Building A Cloud Ecosystem with Open Source Software
2013/03/28 : Open Source, des offres desormais incontournables et courtisées, Le Monde Informatique (French)
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