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83 83 ===== VENUS-C: lessons learned of using open source clouds in eScience =====
84 84 **Speaker:** Andrea Manieri, Engineering
85 85 **Schedule:** Thursday Nov 29, 04:15 - 04:30pm
86 -**Abstract:**
86 +**Abstract**: VENUS-C is the first European distributed computing infrastructure to adopt a User-centric approach to Cloud Computing, putting the needs of end-User communities of researchers and small businesses at the forefront of development. A representative User community sample was composed by the 7 scenarios, the 15 pilots and the 5 experiments from eleven different disciplines and SMEs. Chief among the success stories is Green Prefab, a start-up company for architects and civil engineers, which hosts a new innovation cluster stemming from VENUS-C, HUB-Engineering ( The VENUS-C Architecture Report describes the blueprint for the platform based on which a reference implementation has been done applying a rapid prototyping approach with interactive releases and User validation. The project publicly released open-source components (, namely: • Generic Worker (PMES (Process Management Enactment Services) and programming framework) • COMPSs (PMES and programming framework) • CDMI Proxy • Accounting and billing service • Traffic Redundancy Elimination (TRE) • Interoperability Toolkit As a result, it is clear that the adoption of Cloud and Virtualisation technologies and services is a win-win situation for the scientific community, as it releases benefits for both research institutions, industry.
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