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119 119 Engineering Group is the major Italian player in IT design, outsourcing, product and consulting services on all vertical markets, with more than 6.000 people and 37 offices in Italy, Ireland, Belgium and Latin America. Engineering Group has one of the largest Research & Innovation departments, relying on 250 researchers, which includes Engineering's Open Source Competence Center. It manages the free/open source [[SpagoWorld Initiative>>]], based on four main projects: SpagoBI, the Open Source Business Intelligence platform; Spagic, the Open Source SOA Universal Middleware; Spago4Q, the Open Source platform for Quality of Software products, processes and services; Spago, the Open Source Java Enterprise Framework.
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121 -== [[image:Enovance_logo.jpg>>||alt="ENOVANCE"]] ==
121 +== [[image:enovancelogo.jpg>>||alt="ENOVANCE"]] ==
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123 123 (% class="hidden" %)
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