User Guide

Simple User Guide


This is a simple user guide for OW2 Members wishing to edit the OW2 site. Some pages have restricted rights and you may not have the proper rights to edit them. As you can see the user guide is not complete. We are still working on it. You will be most welcome if you can help.

Please contact the Management Office (management-office AT if you have any question.



Let's define a Section as a group of pages attached to a top-level menu. Our Web site has six Sections: MY OW2, ABOUT, MEMBERSHIP/JOINING, ACTIVITIES, COMMUNITY and NEWS & EVENTS


A Space is an XWiki concept. It can be defined as a category of pages with the same rights, the same lay-out, etc. You can tell which Space a page belongs to because the name of the Space appears in the page url right after "http://.../view/" as in http://.../view/Space/. In our Web site for instance, there is a Space called Activities as you can tell by the follwing url:

The "Activities" Space is comprised of the following pages: Fundamentals, Projects, Initiatives and Local Chapters. Here it is easy because the "Activities" Space matches exactly the "Activities" Section in our Web site.

However it is not always the case. If you look at the "News & Event" Space, it includes the following pages: Marketing Resources and Success Stories. What is tricky here is that some pages in the "News & Event" Section of the Events, Latest News and Press Releases are Spaces by themselves. That is because they have their own rights and template.


Panels are the boxes you can see in the left and right columns on most pages. It is possible to modify the panels. It is possible to decide which Panel appears on which page and where (i.e. on the left or on the right column, at the top, middle or bottom of the column).

How to do things

How to create a Page

This is simple wiki procedure. Write the url of the page you want to create. Make sure you respect the /view/Spacename/Pagename structure. Follow the instructions.

How to delete a Page

Use "Rename" in the Edit Menu and ???

How to rename a Page

Use "Rename" in the Edit Menu Use form to enter Space.NewName

How to move a Page

Rename it. Change its path (?) Change its location by editing the Menu (be careful: I have lost a page entirely by doing this; either I made a mistake or the instructions are not complete! -CT.)

How to change the Menu

Edit the page view/XWiki/MenuBar to add a Section or a Page

How to change the path

Path at the top righ of the page; also called "bread crumbs". Edit the page and modify in the "Title" field.

How to rename a Space

In field "New Doc Name", enter Newpacename.WebHome (you need to write WebHome here) Example: to create the Space "Meetings", create the page .../view/Meetings/WebHome

How to modify left and rights columns

(Note left and rights columns are made of Panels) Go to Administration Select Space Prefs Choose which Space to change Choose Skin

How to modify a Panel

Go to /view/Panels/ (do not forget le last slash)

How to create a Panel

Go to and follow the instructions

How to duplicate a Space

This is useful if you want to reuse Programming Contest or Annual Conference pages from one year to the other. The instruction is quite long, please go to this page.

How to create a user group

Go to view/XWiki/XWikiGroups and follow the instructions.

How to… what else?

What else should we know? Please contact the Management Office (management-office AT if you can help.

Guide to the Europe Local Chapter pages

The Europe Local Chapter team has developed specific pages and has written an interesting guide to the ELC pages which includes useful hint for pages developers.

How to fix problems

Project Dashboards: How to fix "viewing" and "editing" rights

Go to "Edit > Page access rights" and set rights on "view" for "unregistered users" and on "view/edit" for "XWikiAllGroup".