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How to duplicate a Space

For the record, here is a short manual of how to duplicate a Space with the current xWiki version (it may be simpler with the future new version)
For example, creating an AnnualConference2012 space from the AnnualConference2011 space.

1) copying the Space itself
Go to the Space you want to duplicate (http://www.ow2.org/view/AnnualConference2011/)
Actions -> Copy the Space to a new space (named AnnualConference2011.WebHome for example)

2) creating copies of the panels (menus)

Go to the page http://www.ow2.org/view/Panels/

For each menu/panel that you want to appear as a copied menu on the new space :

  • click on the menu hyperlink
  • Actions->Copy the menu to a new menu, called Panels.NewMenuName
3) attaching the new panels to the new space (this is a bit tricky)

Go to the object editor for the new space It is something like:
where you replace MyNewSpace with the name of the new space

With the current xWiki version we have, the copied space has no object attached to it.
You will want to "Add Object" to the space (menu on the right of the page)

Typically, you need to:

  • 3.1) add object from class XWiki.TagClass
  • 3.2) add 1 object from class XWiki.XWikiGlobalRights
you then edit the rights to "allow", group XWikiAdminGroup, view and edit (do not select any user)
  • 3.3) add 1 object from class XWiki.XWikiGlobalRights
you then edit the rights to "allow", group XWikiAllGroup, view, user XWikiGuest
  • 3.4) add 1 object from class XWiki.XWikiPreferences
    Inside this object, go down to fields
    Panels displayed on the left: add the list of panels you want to appear on the left (comma separated)
    Panels.MyMenu1, Panels.MyMenu2, …
    Panels displayed on the right: same for the right
    Display the left panel column: set to Yes
    Display the right panel column: set to Yes
4) then you need to edit the page itself, and each menu separately

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